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Black History Project 2014

No description

Rosalyn Ramos

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Black History Project 2014

Black History Project 2014
Rosalyn Ramos

Who is he?
Where did he come from?
His Birthplace is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
How did he get to where he is?
First gig was at The laff house in Philadelphia (didnt go well)
career started off slow
Began shortly after highschool
He began imitating other comidians like Chris Tucker etc
What is his life story ?
raised by mother, Nancy Hart, and older brother,Robert Hart
Henry Hart, his father, was a cocaine addict
His father was in & out of jail throughout his childhood
What were the influences on his life ?
His influences were negative because he was doing bad things such as drunk driving etc. which is a bad influence to younger watchers. He was raised by only his mother which could be another thing because lack of a man in his life. He is still a great comedian.
Kevin Hart (comedian)
What did he contribute to the society?
Why is he important ?
Kevin Hart is important because he is a great comedian of our present today and inspires alot of people with the way he makes jokes and tells his lessons and mistakes.
Kevin Hart
Born July 3,1980
Height : 5'2
Son of: Nancy Hart & Henry Hart
He shares his mistakes with his fans and tells them what he learns from them in a comedy way. A way where people would understand more and be much more interested in.Basically he teaches the audience lessons.
Interesting information:
Kids : Heaven and Hendrix Hart
His mother died of cancer in 2006
Spouse: Torrei Hart 2003-2011
Played in lots of movies; Paper soldiers (2003); Scary movie 3 (2003) ; Soul plane (2004) ; Little fockers (2010)
Performances: Think like a man(2012) ; Grudge match(2013); about last night (2014)
Comedy albums : laugh at my pain (2011), seriously funny (2010) Etc.
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