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Just How Powerful is Social Media?

No description

alex epp

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Just How Powerful is Social Media?

The internet currently has 3.17 billion users
-The initial proposal was to create a project which reaches out to a broader community

- I thought to myself, what reaches out to the most amount of people all at once?

-I concluded that social media is the largest platform to reach out to people all at once

-But how many people can I really impact?
How did this question originate?
The initial tweet aimed to gain publicity on social media
-The Wolski Pact was developed

-The pact originated with an ice cream cake, and escalated the odds up to shaving his head for 1000 retweets

-I chose to present my findings to Memorial Middle School, to inform upcoming high school freshman as to why it is important to monitor what they post online
Development of my plan
Total twitter engagements
-1000 retweets in under 12 hours

-Bald Wolski

-connection with people from all over the world, including people I do not know

-Former student of AP Gov from 18 years ago

-impressions on over 100,000 twitter users

-knowledge retained by middle schoolers
Just How Powerful is Social Media?
Alex Epp
-spoke about the tweet about Wolski

-touched on topics pertaining to current events, such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the new Netflix series 13 reasons why

-conversation about 13 reasons why inspired Mr. Dudziak (principal at Memorial) to send an e-mail home to parents, pertaining to the importance of having a conversation with your child about the show's content

-Middle schoolers have contacted me thanking me for informing them

The Presentation at Memorial
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