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Colonial Technology

No description

Nicholas Chow

on 13 February 2017

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Transcript of Colonial Technology

Colonial shelter: RW
Colonial Transportation: NC
Pictures of Colonial technology:
They had horses pull carriages with wheels. They also had trains to ride in. The least exspensive way was by foot if they didn't want to ride a train or horse. They also had public transportation.
They used fire to keep warm when it was cold. They also used fire as a stove to heat up food. They cut down trees for the wood to build houses and furniture. Also they made bowls and other things that were useful. Wood was also helpful for the fire to keep it burning.
Shelter for the colonial times
was either something called a long house or a regular one; Or two floor houses made out of wood.
Colonial Weaponary: JF
They had many weapons back then. They used knives, tomahawks, bows and arrows, blow guns, darts, axes, and guns.
Recources: GW
Pictures of weapons: NC
Bibliography: DO
We used google to do most of our research. We searched on google for Colonial weapons, houses, transportation, tools, and recourses.
Credits: MH
Ryan ~ Research and writing
Jake ~ Research on the Colonial Times and pictures
Grant ~ Writing down facts
Nicholas ~ Research and pictures
Micheal & Justice ~ Research and also facts about the topics
Omar ~ Research topics
Food/Hunting: MH
During the colonial times, people mostly hunted for salmon out of all the fish they hunted. They also hunted for deer, humpback whales, mountain goats, bears, and seals.
Pictures of animals people hunted: GW
What they Wore: Jr
The boys and men wore light jackets made from either bear or seal skin. The girls and women wore dresses made from the same type of skin that the boys and men wore.
how u read me?

welcome to kittyland
Colonial Technology
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