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Come to Park Hill

Ewan and Katie's work

Rebecca Bollands

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Come to Park Hill

Think big, aim high! Park Hill Primary School! Equipment! Behaviour Standards! Here at Park Hill, we have a wide range of equipment and technology. We have ipads, mac books, net books and an ICT suite. We also have plenty of sports equipment in our PE cupboard, from rounders bats to tennis rackets, and from footballs to basketball nets. In the hall we have heaps of sponge gym equipment we use for indoor PE. In the art cupboard Miss Tatham has an exciting variety of art equipment that we use in both art club and lessons. At Park Hill we enjoy a good standard of behaviour and appropriate school rules. Both staff and pupils will help your child fit in. They will always be included in fun lessons and games. Your child will feel happy and at home from the minute they walk through the school gate. A great start in life! If your child is between the ages 3 to 4, this is the school for them. Come and view our wonderful school and find out if this could be the right start for your child. If you send your child to this school they would be in a secure, happy and educational enviroment. Clubs! If your child likes to take part in after school, lunch time or before school clubs, they can sign up to any of our fabulous clubs. They can take part in summer rounders to tagtastic tag rugby and messy clubs like art, cooking and gardening clubs. If you can't get to school when the children go home, no need to book a child minder, you could send them to buddies, our after school club. Uniform! Boys! The boys should wear a simple blue jumper and a white shirt or polo shirt. On their legs they should have grey trousers or shorts. They need to wear grey socks and then all black trainers or school shoes. Girls! Girls need to wear a navy blue cardigan with a white polo shirt or a white normal shirt. On their legs they can either wear navy trousers, navy tights with a navy skirt, but with a checkered dress you are not allowed tights. On their feet they should wear white socks and black shoes. Curriculum! Although our curriculum is like any other schools in England, covering all the primary school subjects like maths, literacy, topic, science, music, RE, PE , the difference is in the way our teachers bring them to life. We do loads of practical work that is fun and it makes our school day a whole lot brighter. Get In Touch! If you want to get in touch with the school here are all the details.
Phone No: 02476 4666 69
Post Code: CV5 7LR
Email: adminstaff@parkhill.coventry.sch.uk comenious project! every year our school has a exciting comenious project, where people from differnt schools and countries come to our school. so if you come here you will get the chance to learn different languages and about different countries!
our pupils will
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