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PSHE: Facts, Beliefs & Opinions

KS2 PSHE Facts Beliefs Opinions

Gavin Brock

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of PSHE: Facts, Beliefs & Opinions

Fact, Belief
or Opinion? KS2 - PSHE Learning Objective: We will learn to tell the difference between: Hot Seat: Mr Peabody Tommy
Tittlebottom Billy Little A Fact: A Belief: An Opinion: is provable varies from person to person is always true, no matter where, when or under what circumstance usually expresses a personal preference (a like or dislike) What effect did the rumours have on your reputation? How did you feel when you learned people thought you were a thief? How did you feel when you learned that your suspicions were wrong? a belief an opinion a fact is based on faith rather than evidence. is a sincerely-held viewpoint shared by a number of people Activity: Sort the following statements according to whether you think they are: Sometimes, problems arise when people confuse their beliefs with facts. A long time ago, people believed the Earth was at the centre of the Universe. An astronomer named Galileo Galilei studied the movement of the planets and realised this wasn't accurate. They believed that all other planets and stars went around the Earth. The evidence showed that all the planets in our solar system, including the Earth, went around the Sun. The Bible says: "The Lord set the world on its foundations;
it can never be moved." - Psalm 104:5 People took this literally,
and believed it was a scientific fact. 2 + 2 = 4 Water boils at 100 degrees Barack Obama is President of the USA Religious Philosophical Moral /
Ethical Political may change over time, depending on a person's experience. can change quite frequently. based on a person's individual experience, taste or feelings universal, unbiased
and quantifiable;
based on facts, not emotions Walking under a ladder will bring you bad luck. Superstitious Marmite is disgusting. There is life after death. Charles Dickens wrote 'Oliver Twist'. Boys are better than girls at football. There are nine planets in the solar system. Jesus could perform miracles. Chocolate milkshake is delicious. There are 24 hours in a day. The Church leaders were not happy with Galileo's observations. He was charged with heresy and placed under house arrest for the rest of his life. His writings were also banned. Suggested reading: How could you avoid this situation in the future? Why did you believe Tommy? Has Mr Peabody ever given you a reason to believe he is a thief before? Do you think it is easier to believe bad things about a person than good things? "White bread is nicer than brown bread." "Milk chocolate is better than dark chocolate." "Manchester United is the world's greatest football team." "Jessie J is the world's best singer." Beliefs Opinions Facts However, we now know Galileo's theory was a fact. This is because we have evidence.
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