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Usain Bolt

No description

Aichi Sendou

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt By: Huy and Christopher Sequence WORLD RECORDS Medals Role Model Leadership Usain Bolt's Pose I am the Best at running! Usain
Bolt "Show Off" He does a special pose when
he won a race! Focus He never
look any-
where else
straight . St. Leo Bolt Get ready for the men's final's 100m race. He starts off bad , but he gained more speed. He beat the old record
and set a new record
of 9.58 seconds. 8 29 0 Gold Silver Bronze 100m Race : 9.58 sec. I 200m Race: 19.19 sec. 4x100m Race :36.84 Determined He Believes in himself and
wins many races! Setting:
Race Stadium Work Out Schedule Phase A : Electrify your Sprints 1.Bunny Hops 2.Box jumps : Jump over a 60cm high box. 3.Bounding: Jump high and in mid-air switch legs to stand on. Phase B : Stretch your Stride 4.Cable knee Drives 5.Hanging leg raises Circle Map We like him because
of his speed,confidence,
strength. Leader
Of Team
Bolt Good World
Records Usain
Leadership Usain
Bolt Role
Model He does things for himself He has his own props that is like drinks and deodorant. Very Fast His fastest speed is
27.45 mph. I Work
OUT! The announcer called thename of the racers. The crowd went wild. He showed more confidece
for his fans. The announcer called
the names of the races
as they get ready for the 100m race.The crowd cheers for each racer.They fire the gunshand the
crowd goes wild.He had a bad start but he shows his confideance and gains more speed. His long legs took him as fast
as he couldand set a new
record of 9.58 second for the
100m race.When he got to the
finish line the crowd went wild. explanation: He was born with those gifts and he works out. Explanation: He earn medals and
rewards for himself. Explanation: Explaination: Explaination: The Word Records Sheet.
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