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Facundo The White Mountains

No description


on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Facundo The White Mountains

The White Mountains

John Christopher
Main Character
Will Parker is the main character of this book because the story is about the people he met and his trip to the White Mountains.
Was the main character good or bad?
Will (Main Character) was good. He was respectful and kind when he met people like Ozymandias, he was curious like he was with all Jack's ideas and all those things show that he is a nice and good person.
The setting
The story had many settings. When the story started the setting was Will's hometown, Wherton but when they moved to the mountains they visit many other settings like the captain's ship or boat, The Red Castle were the Comte was, etc.
What Makes This Book A Science Fiction Book ?
It is a Science Fiction Book because it contains Technology and Outer Space Machines. One of the things is the Tripods, they are made of Outer Space Machines and it contains Technology that make him able to move, see, etc.
How realistic was the characterization? Were the characters believable?
I think the characters were believable and realistic because of the way that John Christopher wrote the story. He didn't describe them much but he explain their personality and their way to be.
Would you like to meet any of the characters?
I would love to meet Will, Henry and Beanpole and make them an interview to know more about their interesting lives.
Did you like any characters in the book?
I like all the characters because they seemed very realistic and with lot of spirit. If I have to choose one, I would choose Will Parker because is the character that the story talk most of and because I like his decisions and thoughts.
5 important things that happened in the book
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