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Barbados Presentation

No description

Atonement Student

on 31 October 2016

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Transcript of Barbados Presentation

Latitude and longitude of Barbados
13.1939 N 59.5432 W
Natural resources
Barbados does have an abundant energy source. They do have resources that they export. They do not mine gold and diamonds.

People live throughout Barbados for the beautiful tropical climate. They have a small population of barely over 250k. It is growing there because people keep moving there for its tropical paradise. They usually stay where they are and are happy with it.

Cultural Traits
Kinds of work they do is set up street shops. They get there culture from Great Britain and West Africa. Their language is english and they dont seem to have others.

Physical geography
Barbados has mountains and it is an island, It has multiple regions.

Climate and vegetation
The weather of Barbados is usually warm and sunny. Its neither dry or cold. It has some rainforests

Barbados Presentation
They are Christian and Anglican

Social structure
They have social classes
such as an heirarchy.
Family is an important
part of barbados. Typical household consists of a husband wife and kids. Literacy rate is 99.7%

Economic Structure
They are run by capitalism. Their currency is called a Barbadian dollar.

Political system
They are a democracy. They are run by a reasonably large government. The leaders name is Freundel Stuart. He ruled after david thompson whom died of pancreatic cancer.

The flag has not changed over time since gaining independence from Great Britain in 1966.

Motto: Pride and Industry
Nothing is reflected in its flag
What i learned about the flag is that the flag cant touch the ground and the trident cant go vertical unless the country is in distress.

Map of Barbados
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