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Ex- L.A. Cop Manhunt

No description

Cheyenne Bullock

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Ex- L.A. Cop Manhunt

Ex-L.A. Cop Manhunt By: Cheyenne bullock Suspected Shooter Christopher Dorner 34 years old

From La Plama California Former LAPD Officer

Former Naval Reservist Dorner's Prier Training Active: July 2002 until Feb. 1, 2013

Rank: Lieutenant, attained 2006

Deployed to the Persian Gulf from 11/06 - 4/07

Served in a riverine group aboard patrol craft based in Bahrain

Provided security for offshore oil platforms

Received the Iraq Campaign Medal

Received Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

Awarded a Rifle Marksman Ribbon

Awarded a Pistol Expert Medal

Served with Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station "We don't know what he's going to do. We know what he's capable of doing and we need to find him." said Cindy Bachman, Spokeswomen for San Bernadino County Sheriffs' Office Manhunt Possible Over Dorner was suspected to be in a cabin near Big Bear Resort, California.During the four-hour standoff, police broke the cabin’s windows, used a loudspeaker to implore Dorner to give himself up, and lobbed tear-gas grenades inside, according to a law-enforcement source.They even ripped exterior walls down using a police vehicles. Due to the tear gas canisters the cabin caught fire. Officials say that the fire was not intentional. Victims Total of 4 deaths Monica Quan, 28 Keith Lawrence, 27 Michael Crain, 34 Jeremiah MacKay, 35 Civilians Officers Hostages Karen and Jim Reynolds revealed in a press conference Wednesday that they encountered Dorner Tuesday in their condo. He had a gun, but promised not to hurt them, claim the couple. Dorner tied them up, put pillow cases over their heads and then fled in their Nissan. “She inspired many young women to play better, improve their game, play harder,” said Quan’s close friend, Antonia Caffey. “She inspired so many younger girls with how hard she worked.” Quan was an assistant basketball coach at Cal State Fullerton Dorner was fired from the LAPD five years ago, when the department board determined that he falsely claimed another officer had kicked a suspect Reason for the Shooting Keith Lawrence was more than just a loving partner to fiancee Monica Quan , he was also a young law enforcement officer
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