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Online Marketing

A simple presentation how online marketing can help you to get more customer

Ladrick Malulan

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Online Marketing

93% of Adults in the US are on Facebook I bet your current and potential customers are spending time in facebook we only need to reach them Here is our Basic Goal Get more Fans Create Traffic Using
Facebook But first here is a good question WHY USING FACEBOOK? WHY NOt! Here are great reasons why My answer... And in the Philippines 52% are... Female Total number of FB users are
29, 959, 420 I will show you how Convert Fans into Customers Get more Happy Customers 1. Get More Fans Create a Blog or a site for your Business.
Here is a sample Fill your blog with stories about your product and your thoughts Share your interest such as how did it start what inspire you to do the business. Make it you! *Create a Facebook Page Link your blog to facebook page using dlvr.it like this one Fill your page about your products, great offers, your thoughts, pictures, quotes, memes and etc. Create a contest (my favorite part!) to get more likes Everybody loves contest *Get More Leads We need a creative Landing page to let your fans be updated just like this the important part here is to get their email address To personally update them regarding
any promos about your business and build relationship with them Keyword: Build Relationship Your relationship with your customers defines the success of your business. facebook is one of the popular social media of our generation I bet one of your window now is allotted for facebook checking and keeping updated How about using facebook to earn more? Yes! It is possible and workable. Allow me to show your Excited? me too!!! Almost 30 Million!!! WOW!!! thats a lot!!! and here is the thing... Business related to women is a great idea!!! Keyword: Build Relationship Here is a very good sample 2. Convert Fans into Customer Connect with your fans through your post. Ask question. but don't forget to promote your product/service The ratio for your post is 80:20 Post funny pictures or memes Share something personal, customers love it! like this In fact it is called the mother of all social media give helpful tips Another great sample One of the popular pics last year, 2012 Get more customers using Insights Total Reach Facebook Insights helps to track people who you have reach *People Talking about this Here are the features of Facebook Insights the number of unique people you have created a story about your page the number of unique people who have seen content associated with your page Number of Posts the number of posts your page published each day get to know more about Insights by clicking this http://ads.ak.facebook.com/ads/FacebookAds/Page_Insights_en_US.pdf Mastering facebook Insights track where your audience coming from And through this we can get to know more of your customers what is their buying pattern and how can we reach them more Get More Happy Customers Do Some Poll Combining all of these will make your audience active in your page. Your constant communication with your fans will make your product popular and useful Soon your fans will tell what is best offer you can provide to them they will spill the beans So what are you waiting for? Lets make your fan page a better place!!! I am just a Facebook away.... ladrick@gmail.com
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