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PurpleBeach 2014

A collaborative recording of the events of PurpleBeach, April 2014, London.

Chris Connick

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of PurpleBeach 2014

Stay connected with other visitors to the Beach.
29 & 30 April 2014
Media album
Thoughts & Ideas...
from PurpleBeach
On the group sessions...
Conversation with Kyra Maya Philips:
Conversation with Orit Wolf
People forget more than what they're prepared to admit

You need to have a
dream for your life

So often we have the tools to deal with success, but
not failure

We are often not told what to do when things go wrong, that requires being able to
and to
be able to cope

mistakes and failure

We need
to be able to deal with mistakes and failure
The code of the innovative mind

"OK, 1 key is broken...
but how many keys do you have left?"
How is your
How was that performance driven by:

your strengths?

your values and beliefs?
Your desire to learn and grow?
Every day for 21 days write down
3 things
that you were grateful for.
5 elements to bring out the passion in your work:
I can draw parallels between chaos theory in maths and the VULCA world we live in today. Lots of unknowns and things we cant control, the only we can do is
learn to live and cope with ambiguity, uncertainty.
Lean start up is a process that
minimise fear and ambiguity
, aiming to maximise learning but without drastically failing.
Failing will be part of learning.
Passion and courage:

The ordinary pirate's share
The captain's share
But what about modern alternative cultures?


A General History of the Robberies and Murders of the Most Notorious Pirates"
Further Reading:
Villains of All Nations:
Atlantic Pirates in the Golden Age"
Conversation with Marcus du Sautoy
Who gets excited about maths?
Its about managing failure

Marcus wouldn't be able to do it unless he remembered those exciting times when he got it right

Maths is about spotting patterns.
Eg given a sequence of numbers and whether you can spot the pattern

Both mathematicians and artists draw to the same structures / rhythms

How do we deal with the infinite?
It's about looking for patterns

Chaos theory - some things you can control and some you cant (e.g. the pendulum toy)

A very simple system can create something that is very difficult to predict

It's about understanding language enough and being sensitive enough to know when you can and cant decipher patterns

A man is walking home late one night when he sees an
anxious Nasrudin down on all fours, crawling on his
hands and knees on the road, searching frantically
under a street light for something on the ground.

“What have you lost ?” the passer-by asks.

“I am searching for the key to my house,” Nasrudin says

"I'll help you look," the man says and joins Nasrudin
in the search.

Soon both men are down on their knees under the
streetlight, looking for the lost key.
After some time, the man asks Nasrudin, “Tell me, do
you remember where exactly did you drop the key ?”

Nasrudin waves his arm back toward the darkness and
says, “Over there, in my house. I lost the key inside
my house…”

Shocked and exasperated, the passer-by jumps up and
shouts at Nasrudin, “Then why are you searching for the
key out here in the street ?”

“Because there is more light here than inside my
house,” Nasrudin answers nonchalantly.

Copyright © Vikram Karve 2010

Nasrudin’s Keys
This prezi was created by the participants of The PurpleBeach gathering, 2014.

It is intended to exist as an evolving, collaborative document - used to record the shared experiences and ongoing learnings from our time spent together.

If you would like to add your own thoughts & reflections to that which is already gathered here we welcome you to do so.

Please contact chris.connick@prezi.com for more info.
Exploring the
dark side
of innovation:

Les UX: The New French Hacker-Artist Underground
Read more about
Les UX

Is there something missing
in the world and in our lives?
We are really missing is a shift in our consciousness, our
hearts and minds to think
more globally.
"You can change ideas but very rarely change people."
"The life and power of the captain was dependent on how well he could listen"
What can a con artist teach you?
Enterprises are no longer fit for purpose too many organisations wait for a crisis before they look to change anything and spend too much time measuring their outputs, when instead they should measure their competences.
Innovative things marry a world that doesn't exist to a reality that does.
All ideas we are exposed to...
What we listen to
What we remember
"Can you deliver a message without your tools?"
For some people somewhere on the psychopathic spectrum, it’s about achieving control by tuning the dials on the mixing desk to the right level to be successful.
Mathematicians search for patterns to help predict the future.
Professional ‘trained optimist’ and happiologist,
Susanna Halonen
shared her thoughts on how we can encourage people to adopt a more positive mindset at work.
"I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”
Orit recounted how as a twelve year old, she once froze during a solo performance in front of a thousand people. While she had been trained to perform, she had not yet learned how to cope when something goes wrong.
Pirates were early adopters of hierarchy-free enterprise. All crew members received an equal share in the loot.
A smiling, straw-hatted life guard greets you with a drink and directs you to the PurpleBeach spa where you can adjust your mood from your long travels with a massage, manicure or heavenly aromas.
An exercise in improvisation and finding creatvity within mistakes
You need:
pen & paper
A storyteller
Have the storyteller begin - they should speak quickly
Now write what they are saying, with intentional spelling mistakes
Do this for 1 minute
Now count how many words you created
Also count how many spelling mistakes
Kyra Maya Phillips
Most people achieve 50 words but only 2 mistakes - there is a fear in breaking the paradigm, getting a word wrong in a stressful test. If this is you - analyze why you feel this fear.

Yet often those that write less and make more mistakes are the ones who learn more about creativity.

How far can you explore your intentional mistakes? Try playing with the words more... changing more than just a character... and learn to relax and find the opportunity to create something interesting, beautiful, and new in your mistakes.
People won't remember what you
, but
they will remember what you made them
So what are the ingredients of those who leave an experience behind?
Read the
VALV Employee
The Hacker Way...
"fail fast, fail often"
Read Mark Zuckerberg's letter to investors:
E.g. spotify / netflix innovating with the cloud
by Charles Johnson
by Marcus Rediker
Orit Wolf
Reverse Engineering
- analyse success and mistakes equally.
Learn to celebrate success and forgive yourself for the mistakes.
Learning to cope with failure is as important as learning to be perfect at something.
Don't fake your emotions
you have to take risks and share your true self.
You'll learn to become naturally more aware of what you

Always ask why?

Is it because it aligns with your real passions?

Understand what this is and then seek to grab more of these opportunities.
Your dream life often starts with a fantasy.

This is OK, even try having one fantasy a day. Without fantasy nobody is doing fantastic things.
Write your CV of failures
"If you give me the job you don't even have to arrange a chair for me."
Have the passion and vision to go beyond expectations to achieve your dream.
"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
If you can learn to improvise when mistakes occur then you have a protection, no matter what happens.
Acknowledge every employee has to be their authentic self.
Be on a continual journey of learning and growth.
Connect with like minded people.
Use your natural skill set - but in different ways.
Tie positive impact to purpose.
What you and your colleagues do at work has to align with individual values and beliefs
Understand what is the 'why?' behind what you do and what youwant to be remembered for. Nourish that.
If you can be better today than you were yesterday, you'll find the drive to aim for mastery.
Motivate each other. Emotions are contagious -create the ripple effect.
Need to learn your strengths?
Pirate constitutions and democracy pre-dated the formal constitutions of nation-states

Pirates often didn't know each other but believed that their alternative culture

Companies need to think about how that can adopt a "pirate structure" internally to encourage innovation

Conversation with Kevin Dutton
Where does violence sit re intelligence / low intelligence scale?
In the great British psychopath survey 2011 - clerics!
Being a psychopath doesn't auto mean you are a killer or a criminal.
Hero occupations have similar traits to psychopaths
Ted Bundy could tell a good victim by the way she walked ... is the psycho better at decoding vulnerability? Yes.
How can this be applied in society?
e.g. going through customs at the airport.
In an exercise carried out at a university, over 70% with psychopathic traits spotted vulnerability!
Good psychopath guide to success:
Not being afraid to win; don't procrastinate; don't conform; live in the moment; good at decoupling emotions from behavior.
Susanna Halonen
Conversation with Susana Hallonen:
is a buzzword, but it has been shown to help people become more productive employees

When you're doing something you're passionate about, it releases
which also aids in the learning process

When employees are more passionate, they are
more engaged
- Nelson Mandela
Try this:
We need to think about how big the

will be in the future.
Try this Exercise:
How can you recreate more of these positive experiences?

Again, as you become more aware of this you can grab more of these opportunities
People look for structure,
but we need to be comfortable with uncertainty.
courage & bravery
Think of a time when you were performing at your best
(work or otherwise)
Tap into your passion +
become a trained optimist!
Become a trained optimist
Be as specific as possible.
A suggestion - try this with your children too.
Quality conversations and Learning:

Key takeaway...
Make learning a daily habit for each individual
The concept of followership has not been explored as much as leadership
Most of the money from L&D goes into development of leaders
"Followership" has negative connotations but this is changing
Being the first follower is usually under-appreciated but there is usually no movement without the first follower
Leadership is over-glorified
The voice of the followers gets more and more important over time
A lot of employees are "stuck in the middle", the question is whether they are leaders or followers?
People can be leaders and followers, depending on the context
How do we create good followers?
it's about finding people's strengths
knowing what your values and the values of others are
If people don't have space to contribute, they can't develop into good followers
To create good followers, you need to build on your own positive people
- need to keep doing this. The movement and music are good levers.
Leader or Follower Group Session
PurpleBeach is about
The Lean Start-Up
Things to bear in mind when building a lean start-up:
Do not build stuff that you are going to throw away
It has to be technologically enabled
Innovation & lean start-ups are being mixed up as ideas
What are the things that can be brought from lean start-ups into organisations?
Some concepts cause others to happen
Less static hierarchies
Do you trust your employees?
You need to look at the pace of change in your organisation ... if it's happening faster outside than inside, you're dead in the water

black economy
Are you male or female?
How can we bring more female traits into companies?
The stereotypical leader is built on male characteristics
Working in a male environment can lead to you becoming more masculine
Try putting yourself into the shoes of someone of the opposite gender
Have you tried to imagine being the other gender and make decisions?
Imagine going into a bar and being affected by someone else. How would you react as a woman or man? It can be difficult to imagine what the other gender would think
We need to think about the language that we use around gender
Are you recording your
Look at how merchantmen would easily jump ship to pirate ships.
affecting your
Postcard reflections
What is lean start-up?
Pirate Innovation
The Happyologist
What can you do next?
Become a curator of PurpleBeach
Sign up for free here:
Join us at one of our upcoming events
29 & 30 April 2014
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with Miika Salavuo
with Miika Salavuo and Jacqui Grey
with Zahira Jaser
with Rachel Farley
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