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Sabine DeShazo's Senior Project

Sabine DeShazo

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of Tea

Tea Why Tea? What is Tea? Discovered by Shen Nung in 2737 B.C.
Camellia Sinensis
Second most popular beverage
Orthodox and CTC
Four main varieties
National Drink of the United
Kingdom White Tea Green Tea Black Tea Oolong Tea Withering
Drying Withering
Drying Withering
Panfrying, steam
Drying/Rolling Withering
Drying Health Benefits antioxidants
fights cancer
immune boost
weight loss
fights free radicals
strengthens CV
beautifies skin
alleviates headaches Loose Leaf Tea health benefits
tea bags
iced tea
skin care
Regulation Applied Piece Proposal for Tea
1 Executive Summary
2 Overview
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Abbreviations and
2.3 Background
3 Market Analysis
3.1 Need Analysis
3.2 Competitive Analysis
4 Design
4.1 User Interfaces
4.2 Design Diagrams
5 Project Plan
5.1 Estimates and Schedule
5.2 Resource and Budget
5.3 Risks
6 References Danielle Beaudette Outside expert
The Cozy Tea Cart
Brookline, NH
Certified by the US Specialty Tea Institute
Lectures Thank You! Denise Raymond Danielle Beaudette Mike Beliveau
Dina Karlon Friends & Family Regina Sullivan Dick Miller
Ane Swift Chris Brooks
Anneliese Lenaghan THANK YOU FOR COMING! ANY QUESTIONS? Overview EQ: How can tea become a part of a healthy choice enviornment at Souhegan High School

Sub EQ's:
What is tea?
What are the different types of tea?
What are the health benefits of tea?

Outside expert
Applied piece WHAT I'VE LEARNED Tea began as a medicine and grew into a beverage ~ The Book of Tea
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