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Signs, Symbols and Rituals of The Eucharist

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Sasha Fernandez

on 4 August 2015

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Transcript of Signs, Symbols and Rituals of The Eucharist

Signs, Symbols and Rituals of The Eucharist!
Signs of the Eucharist
Laying of the hands - Laying of the hands is a sign because when someone extends one’s hand over another person's head, its the sign of calling down the Holy Spirit. All seven sacraments include this sign.
Symbols of the Eucharist
Bread -

Bread is a symbol of the Eucharist because it represents life. It is also a symbol because the breaking of the bread, was performed by Jesus so now we accept the bread as the body of Jesus.
Wine -

Wine is a symbol of Eucharist because just like the bread it was shared at the passover meal between Jesus and his Disciples. The wine is given to us as the blood of Jesus, wine also symbolizes joy.
White Garment -

The white garment is used as a symbol of Eucharist because white is used as the christian colour for baptism. White symbolizes purity and clean of sin.
Rituals of the Eucharist
Bringing gifts to the altar -

Bringing gifts to the altar means bringing the bread, wine and water to the altar to be blessed.
Presenting the bread -

Presenting the bread means when the Priest holds the bread up for all of us to see.
Breaking the bread -

Breaking the bread means when the bread is broken, for everyone to have.
Participation -

Participation is when everyone receives the bread and wine.
What is Eucharist?
Eucharist is a sacrament of initiation that Christians celebrate to commemorate what happened at the last supper. Bread and Wine are consumed, for which symbolizes the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ.
By Sasha Fernandez and Alyssa Scollo!
Fire/Light -
Fire and/or light is a symbol of the holy Eucharist because, it represents God's purifying presence. Another reason it is used is because represents the light of Christ. As Christians we are commissioned to keep this light shining through our whole life.
Oil -

Oil is a symbol because it meant setting a person apart for a particular mission. So we as Christians are given a particular mission to be like Christ in the world today.
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