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The Twelve Types of Literary Characters

No description

Chabelie Gracie

on 22 August 2014

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Transcript of The Twelve Types of Literary Characters

Cutler Beckett
Tia Dalma/Calypso
Symbolic Character
Captain Hector Barbossa
He is the exact opposite of Jack.
Foil Character
Elizabeth Swann/Turner
One of the main characters of the movie series (we do not talk about the fourth movie).
Main/Central Character
The Twelve Types of Literary Characters
In Pirates of the Caribbean
Commodre Norrington
Goes from working against pirates to working with pirates.
Dynamic Character
Minor Character
Jack the Monkey
The movie could be done without him, but he does help move the plot along.
Davy Jones
At first we see Davy Jones, as a complete tyrant.
Round Character
During the second and third movies, Beckett and the East India Trading Company prove to be great obstacles for Captain Jack and his crew.
He orders the arrests of Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner on their wedding day for helping Jack escape (as well as Commodore Norrington).
He tries to rid the world of all pirates.
Pretty much enslaves one of the other antagonists, Davy Jones, using him to terrorize the sea.
Kills Govenor Swann
Tries to kill Jack, the protagonist.
Can also be classified as:
Definitely vital to the plot: without her, there wouldn't be a plot because a good percentage of the movie is based on Will and Elizabeth's relationship.
Helps resolve/start most of the conflicts.
In the second and third movies, Tia Dalma plays a vital role. At first she is only seen as a voodoo witch, but it is later found out that she is the goddess Calypso.
Calypso is the goddess of the sea.
With her being the goddess of the sea, she is literally is the sea, meaning she can easily represent being wild and free.
When Davy Jones questions why she never waited for him, she says it was in her nature. The sea is not something to be tamed.
Can also be classified as:
, the
, or
Can also be classified as:
or as the
He chased Jack and his crew around forever, but ends up giving Jack a day's head start to get away.
He helped Elizabeth and her crew escape, even though it would mean his death.
He was a pirate for like two seconds.
Can also be classified as: an
He is barely mentioned, but helps move the plot along.
If removed completely from the movie, it would not hurt the plot.
Comedic relief
Could also be classified as: flat, stock, or static.
While Jack usually just wings it, or rather "waits for the opportune moment", Barbossa usually thinks of a plan ahead of time.
He is very serious, while Jack is usually...drunk.
He is easy to anger.
Calm, but also explosive.
Can also be categorized in: round, stock, or a major or central character.
It would seem like he has no feelings of remorse or sympathy.
We first see that this is not the case when he hears that Will is in love.
His hatred of love and his anger towards everyone is because his heart was broken by the goddess Calypso.
He wants to feel human again.
His whispered Calypso shows he has some feelings.
Could also be classified as: a
major or central character
, or a
(to Jack).
Joshamee Gibbs
He does not really change throughout the movies.
Static Character
He does not do much besides be the first mate to Jack.
In every movie he is in, he stays pretty consistent personality wise.
He is a drunk best friend to Jack that sometimes gets him out of terrible situations. That's pretty much it.
Can also be classified as: a
Will and Elizabeth Turner
Unlike other flat characters, he is loveable.
Flat Character
But he also can't talk so....
(His parrot has more personality)
Can also be classified as: a minor, static, or a stock character.
Literally the definition of a pirate.
Stock Character
He is the stereotypical pirate.
Steals, heartless, and comes to his untimely demise due to his greed.
Can also be classified as: the
, or
Kind of hard to not be flat when you can't even speak.
Captain Jack Sparrow
He does so many terrible things, but we cannot help but love him.
Jack is everything we should hate.
He is: a thief, womanizer, liar, and greedy.
He usually only looks out for himself, and will not be afraid to use someone else, even someone we figured he would be close to, to achieve his goals (i.e. Will Turner).
He's really kind of a drunk jerk... but we love him anyway.
Can also be classified as:
, or as the
Will Turner
One of the main characters of the movie series.
Vital to the plot: see Elizabeth.
His decisions are not the greatest, but we still root for him.
Most of the conflict revolves around him or starts with him.
Can also be classified as:
or as the
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