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Jacques Cousteau Biography

No description

Linn Embro

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of Jacques Cousteau Biography

This is biography of Jacques Cousteau. It will cover what made him who he was, and how he changed the world. He lived 1910-1997.
One thing that changed his life and made him who he was today is when he learned how to swim in Paris France, at the age of 4 in 1930. After he learned how to swim he was really interested in the sea and wanted to explore it.
Another event that changed Jacques Cousteaus life is when he borrowed a pair of goggles from his friend in 1936 which helped him carry out his first under water experiment; that is how he started his career of exploring the ocean.

Jacques Cousteau


HMHS Britannic ship wreck
Jacques Cousteau was a famous ocean explorer. He introduced millions of people to the underwater world. He also worked to protect the world oceans. He made more than 120 television documentaries and wrote 50 books. He effected and changed the world because he invented scuba. Jacques Cousteau effected me because if he has not invented scuba diving i would not have been a scuba diver and i would not have known how beautiful the ocean really is. It is much more interesting and beautiful than I imagined it to be before I became a scuba diver. I love scuba diving.
My opinion of Jacques Cousteau and his work is really high. I think he is a good man and I really love what he invented and his work. I think it was outstanding that he changed the world by inventing scuba.
This was a biography of Jacques Cousteau and what made him who he was and how he impacted the world. I hope you enjoyed learning more about Jacques Cousteau.
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Biography of Jacques Cousteau
By: Linn Magdalena Embro
Date: 2012 December 19
Jacques Cousteau discovered Aqua-Lung in 1943 which became known as the regulator that you use in scuba diving. He is the one who invented scuba so people could breath under water.
On one of his expeditions in the sea in 1953, he discovered echolocation abilities of porpoises which are small dolphins. Echolocation is when an animal sound waves hit the object in front of them bouncing back to the creature and that is how it knows the object is there. The discovery was important because it was copied in the sonar technology used on submarines.
In the 1960's he also discovered the Roman wreck of Mahdia while diving off the coast of Tunisia.
in 1997 he also uncovered the ship wreck of HMHS Britannic which was the sister ship of Titanic.
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