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Vicious Volcanoes

No description

Hanan Mohamed

on 31 October 2010

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Transcript of Vicious Volcanoes

Vicious Volcanoes By: Hanan Mohamed ? Any Questions? Volcanoes are natural phenomena. They can be very vicious and destructive. Once, a volcano erupted near a city and only 2 people survived! Volcanoes are very interesting. This volcano erupted in Cleveland, sending up a big ash cloud. Lava is very dangerous. It can reach up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Lava destroys everything in its path and moves from a few feet a day to, rarely, 40 miles per hour. This liquid lava was found on Mount Etna. Eruptions are caused by pressure. When an eruption occurs, lava, ash, and gases explode into the air. Eruptions can be very deadly. Scientists say that over the last 300 years, about 260,000 people died. The Ring of Fire is named after the many eruptions that occur there. It's also the Ring of Shakes because of earthquakes. The Ring contains more than half of the active volcanoes in the world. The plates change position and shape and move at a speed of about 1-10 centimeters a year, just like fingernails. When volcanoes erupt, ash shoots out of a volcano, giving good soil to farmers and releasing valuable minerals and precious metals, but gases can kill humans and animals and heat blasts can destroy many things. Ash can bury towns while cinders and bombs injure many people. Volcanoes are incredible! Lava is dangerously hot and eruptions are caused by pressure. The Ring of Fire is a series of volcanoes. There are so many interesting features about these wonders. Volcanoes are vicious and you can learn so much about them! The Ring of Fire is a series of volcanoes. This is Mount St. Helens after the big eruption. Ash and steam is coming out of the Karymsky Volcano.
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