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Public Speaking Commentary

No description

Adriana Iliya Ahmad Kahar

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of Public Speaking Commentary

Public Speaking Analysis Kevin Allocca : Why videos go viral
Supporting Details Used video as visual aid
Example: Doubled rainbow video, Rebecca Black-Friday and Nyan Cat
Could lose audience attention to his main point
Bicycle video not effective
Use slides to show graph and statistic
Turn off slide before continuing with his speech

Group Members NOR'AIN BT ISMAIL@AWANG - UK29500
NURHANIS BT JEFFI- UK29539 Signposts Anyone could be famous
Used creativity when making video Internal Summary Used when talking about unexpectedness Transition Used transition to summarize a point
Introduction Body Visual Aid Conclusion THE END ATTENTION GRABBER CREDIBILITY Specific Purpose Statement Central Idea CENTRAL IDEA Commentary about the video Tastemakers
Dont understandthe word Participation Unexpectedness ATTENTION GRABBER By using listener imagination

Speaker tell his own experience CREDIBILITY Speaker verify his credibility as a YouTube trend manager

Watch YouTube's video professionally Specific Purpose Statment Why video go viral Speaker used chart to show point
Show tweet Jimmy Kimmel
Using video to support
Speaker used statistic but fail to show actual figure
Tosh.0 and Michael J. Nelson from Mystery Science Theater
48 hours video uploaded
Delivery Technique Gestures Kevin used hand gestures during presentation
In beginning he was talking fast
Sometimes give eyes contact
Look down Confidence high
Jokes around with audience Encourage people to do something new
In a community you can be involve Make his own assumption
"We all want to be stars"
Didn't know such job exist Too early Eye Contact Internal Preview Remind audience what video that had watch Used signpost in beginning
Didn't really used signpost after that
No sure what main point
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