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TTN Production Workflow

TTN's television production workflow

Leanne Shultz

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of TTN Production Workflow

TTN Production
Newsroom Production
Master Control Room (MCR)
Live Crew:
Technical Director (TD)
Character Generator (CG) Operator
Audio Engineer
Data Manager
Newsroom Pre-Production
Editing Room
Research and script writing for the next day's newscast:

Producers (2)
Script Supervisor 1 - Announcements
Script Supervisor 2 - Sports Scores
Script Supervisor 3 - Daily Sports Preview
Script Supervisor 4 - Human Interest Topic
ENG Production
ENG Crew:
Producer - filming
Talent - filming
Camera - filming
Audio Engineer - filming
Editors (2) - MCR (graphics/soundFX)
Production Support
Studio Floor
Live Crew:
Floor Director
Camera 1
Camera 2
Camera 3
Teleprompter Operator
Production Assistant (PA)
ENG Post-Production:
Producer - helps editors meet their deadline
<-- Talent
<-- Camera Operator
<-- Audio Engineer
Editors - must complete segment by deadline and assist Data Manager with roll-in to live program
High School IMC (Library)
Electronic News Gathering
(ENG) Pre-Production
ENG Crew:
Audio Engineer
Editors (2)
Remaining ENG Post-Production crew assists as Production Assistants (PAs) to the MCR and/or fills vacant production roles.

They may also brainstorm for their next live newscast.
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