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Supporting Phonemic Awareness in the Classroom, Terms Defined part 1

This is an outline of the first part of an article written by Hallie Kay Yopp and Ruth Helen Yopp. It is solely for the purpose of explanation of part of their article which was published in the October 2000 edition of The Reading Teacher.

Carrie Boettcher

on 18 June 2013

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Transcript of Supporting Phonemic Awareness in the Classroom, Terms Defined part 1

Supporting phonemic awareness development in the classroom, terms defined part 1
Auditory Discrimination
The ability to hear likenesses and differences in phonemes and words
The smallest unit of speech sounds that make a difference in communication
The study of speech sounds that occur in languages, including the way these sounds are articulated
Phonological Awareness
Phonemic Awareness
Metalinguistic Awareness
Focusing on the sounds of language, regardless of meaning
A broad skill that includes identifying and manipulating units of oral language
Generate and recognize rhyme
Count syllables
Separate onset and rime
identify each phoneme in a word
The awareness that the speech stream is a sequence of these small sounds and the
ability to manipulate those sounds
A way of teaching reading
and spelling that stresses
symbol-sound relationships
Hallie Kay Yopp & Ruth Helen Yopp, The Reading Teacher October 2000
Yopp, H.K. & Yopp, R.H. (2000). Supporting phonemic awareness development in the classroom. The Reading Teacher, 54, 2: 130-143.
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