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Dramaturgies of the World 1.1

No description

James McKinnon

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of Dramaturgies of the World 1.1

"the art of dramatic composition and the representation of the main elements of drama on the stage" (Wikipedia)

Dramaturgies of the World
Drama (action) + Urgos (make) = "to make action"
En Francais, "dramaturge" = "playwright"
1. A compound
2. A body of
specific to the domain of theatre:
3. A
, founded ca. 1770 by GE Lessing, and consisting of a variety of responsibilities, such as...
new play development
production research
audience outreach & education
selecting plays for production
Or is it:
Drama + Ergon = "Action at Work"? (Eugenio Barba)
... except in New Zealand.
4. A
Sociologists following Erving Goffman analyze all human behaviour not in contrast with, but IN TERMS of, "theatrical behaviour."

All human interactions consist of role-playing and quasi-theatrical frames.
To analyze social behaviour in these terms is to perform a "dramaturgical analysis."
Consider the different roles you play:
As a student in a classroom
As an employee in a workplace
As a son or daughter at home
As a spectator or actor
What would happen if you played one of these roles in the "wrong" context?
and practiced world-wide...
...the World
1. Other than Western dramaturgy.

Originating in Asia, the Americas, etc.
2. Often privileging performance rather than text, theatre over literature.

Devised performance, improvisation, physical-based performance.

3. Not necessarily "dramatic"; possibly "post-dramatic."

Dramaturgies of the World
How we do what we do.
of the Avant Garde
Why are we here?
What are we doing in this class?
What do we expect to get out of this?
Why dramaturg the world?
Dramaturgy implies a critical frame of mind:
"It would be difficult to design an educational model that is more at odds with [learning] than the one used today at most universities" (Halpern & Hakel 38).
Review assignments & outline on Blackboard.
Sign up for a seminar.
Start Reading:
What now?
Explore different dramaturgical (creative, critical, communication) skills

Gain an understanding of the aims and philosophies of a range of dramaturgies

Learn and use creative methodologies

Use performance-based problem-finding methods

Analyse performance from a dramaturgical perspective

Develop a habit of critical reflective practice
(But Why?)
Critical Reflective Journal
(40%), consisting of 8-10 short writing assignments.

Practical Dramaturgy
, (40%).
You will collaborate in groups on two performance research projects.

Peer Feedback
(10%): weekly writing practice.

Take Home Finale
(10%): due 3 June, ~1000 words.
Introduce skills, concepts, contexts
Screen video of performances
Create space to practice skills, develop concepts, discuss contexts
Provide opportunities to practice skills, reflect on process, assimilate learning, create knowledge.
1) Sign up with MyAlligator

2) Contact me or Cathy McCullach when that doesn't work.
Dramaturgies of the World
This class is a research project.

It experiments with educational models based on:
1) research about teaching and learning,
2) research on dramaturgy,
3) student experiences & feedback.
Forced Entertainment, "And on the Thousandth Night" (2007)
Theatrum Mundi, "Chiarmo Enigma"
A term here taken to mean...
1. Cardullo
2. Beckett
3. Esslin
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