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50 Great Reasons To Kick Off Your Shoes

Book: The Barefoot Book by Daniel Howell, PhD

Prezi Teacher

on 3 December 2017

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Transcript of 50 Great Reasons To Kick Off Your Shoes

50 Great Reasons To Kick Off Your Shoes

Go barefoot because your feet have better traction than flip-flops.
Go barefoot to avoid shoe-related ailments.
Go barefoot because shoes increase your chances of bacterial infection.
Go barefoot to de-stress.
Go barefoot to get rid of mystery aches and pains.
Go barefoot to see if it feels better than orthotics.
Go barefoot to create your own shoeless story.
Go barefoot to put a “spring in your step”.
Go barefoot to flex your creases!
Go barefoot so you can feel your environment.
Go barefoot because shoes increase your chances of infection.
Go barefoot because shoes are filled with toxins.
Go barefoot because your feet are hypoallergenic.

Definition: (especially of cosmetics and textiles) Relatively unlikely to cause an allergic reaction
Go barefoot to avoid getting sprained and twisted ankles.
Facts about Going Barefoot
Americans visit podiatrists 55 million times a year for shoe-related problems.

Common foot problems such as bunions, ingrown toenails, and deformed toes are rare in habitually barefoot societies.

Ligaments and tendons are both made primarily of a protein called collagen that pound for pound is stronger than steel!

The achilles tendon is the largest tendon in the body. It is named for the Greek mythological warrior who was defeated by an arrow shot into the back of his heel.
Go barefoot because you’re a trendsetter.
Go barefoot to save hundreds of dollars on shoes.
Go barefoot to rid yourself of insensible enemies.
Go barefoot because it boosts your immune system.
Go barefoot because natural is better than "normal".
Elite Project
By: "Lew" Sterling Jr.
and friends

Go barefoot because it’s liberating!
Go barefoot to feel like a kid.
Go barefoot to strengthen your feet and legs.
Go barefoot for strong, healthy arches.
Go barefoot to stay cool.
Go barefoot to reduce stress on your joints.
Go barefoot to prevent knee arthritis.
Go barefoot because shoes cause foot deformities.
Go barefoot to prevent getting blisters.
Go barefoot because shoes cause nerve damage and ingrown toenails.
Go barefoot because shoes cause corns and calluses.
Go barefoot to improve your posture and balance.
Go barefoot to reduce hip, knee, and back pain.
Go barefoot to lighten your load.
Go barefoot to cleanse your body of toxins.
Go barefoot on different terrains for a do-it-yourself foot massage.
Go barefoot to reduce chronic running injuries.
Go barefoot so you can actually use your toes for grasping and balance.
Go barefoot to lift your spirits and feel closer to creation.
Go barefoot because it’s a great conversation starter.
Group Project
This Prezi is going to talk about going barefoot. To the ones who like going barefoot, you probably will love this Prezi. To the ones who don't really like going barefoot, well this Prezi
change your mind and you might do it more often. As usual, you can show this Prezi, as well as my other Prezis of mine. This Prezi will show the 50 great reasons why to kick off your shoes and going barefoot. All 50 of these were not made by me, "Lew", or my friends, who want to be anonymous in this Prezi, but by the author of this book, Daniel Howell. However, me and my friends did add in a few extra notes on here though. At the end of this project, feel free to like and comment what you though about this project.
The Barefoot Book
by Daniel Howell, PhD

50 Great Reasons to Kick Off Your Shoes
Go barefoot to improve the strength and agility of your toes.
Go barefoot because you want your foot to move naturally, not be “motion controlled”.
Go barefoot to elevate your mood and ward off depression.
Go barefoot to dispel barefooting myths.
Go barefoot because shoes are unhygienic.
Definition: Not clean or sanitary
Drive barefoot because you legally can.
Go barefoot because it’s fun.
Go barefoot in public because it’s perfectly legal to do so.
Facts about Going Barefoot
(Greek: nelipous, nelipoos; unshod, barefoot)
Noun. One who walks about barefoot; a "barefooter."

The word last is derived from the Old Englash laest meaning "footprint," but the lasts of modern shoes bear little resemblance to the human foot.

The temperature in the inside of a walking shoes can 120*F.

Noun. One who typically
wear shoes.
Facts about Going Barefoot
Back in 2010, which was the year this book was made, twenty of the last 2 winners of the Boston Marathon have been Africans (
African-Americans), many of whom grew up and trained barefoot.

No state health codes prevent people from going barefoot into shops, markets, or even restaurants.

By going barefoot, the earth absorbs all of the toxins in your feet and even helps reconnect your biorhythm.
See For Yourself
Take a few steps barefoot and note the arch-landing, toe-pushing movement. Then on athletic shoes. Take a few steps and look for differences. Do your heel and forefoot roll?

Grab your favorite running or walking shoes and examine their sole and examine their sole shapes and sideviews.

Give the skin on the tops and bottoms of your feet and hands a pinch test.
You are able to get a copy of the book at your local bookstore (Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, WalMart, etc.) or even online (Amazon.com, eBay, AbeBooks, etc.) or even order a copy at your library (if they have available copies; there are some libraries that have a copy of the book).
Psychology Term: Sensation
The 5 senses that are detecting stimuli.

Tasting jalapeño sauce (taste)
Seeing my prezis (sight)
Listening to music (hearing)
Smelling your breathe to see if it is clean (smell)
Going barefoot (touch)
Abebe Bikila was a two-time Olympic marathon winner from Ethiopia. He won gold in 1960 and 1964. Bikila ran the 1960 marathon barefoot, and finished with a record time of 2:15:16. When asked why he ran barefoot Bikila replied, “I wanted the world to know that my country, Ethiopia, has always won with determination and heroism.”
Famous Barefooters
Zola Budd is an Olympic track and field competitor from South Africa. She twice broke the women’s 5000 meters world record while being barefoot. She was also a two-time winner at the World Cross Country Championships.
Another Famous Barefooter
Don't worry; going barefoot to get closer to awakening your senses won't scare you...unlike the movie.

A person who leads the way in fashion or ideas
Sierra "The Barefoot Girl" Larson
"While being very flexible in game series is very nice, Elena can erect shots, and get this,
from using only her barefeet
. In fact, she is the first fighter to only fight with her feet." Even though Elena has hands and arms, she only fights with her feet...unlike Ryu and every other barefoot Street Fighter character.

Elena first appeared in
Street Fighter III: New Generation
Which of the following is a famous Florida persona?
A. The Barefoot Bartender
B. The Barefoot Hairdresser
C. The Barefoot Crocodile Hunter
D. The Barefoot Mailman

Write your answer down and see if you were right.
From Funtrivia.com
Which of the following is a famous Florida persona?
The correct answer was
D. The Barefoot Mailman

Ed Hamilton is known as the Barefoot Mailman of Florida. In the 1880's, he was the Postmaster in the Miami area. Due to the lack of good roads and rough seas, mail was delivered on foot. Ed made the trip many times before mysteriously disappearing along his route in October 1887. While his personal effects and the mail he was carrying were found, his body was never recovered and his death remains a mystery to this day.

36% of players have answered correctly.
From her blog (http://sierrathebarefootgirl.blogspot.com/):
"...I don't wear shoes. That's just a very basic summary of one aspect of my life. This blog explores that aspect and how it comes in to play with other aspects of my life. You will see my barefoot adventures in this blog, for that is exactly what my life is: an adventure. I barefoot for the sheer pleasure of the sensation. All babies are born without shoes and their parents teach them to wear shoes as they get older. My parents taught me the dangers of going barefoot but allowed me to go barefoot when camping or playing outside as long as I was careful...I encourage everyone to try going barefoot, even if it's just for a few minutes within the privacy of your bedroom. And when you see a barefooter, smile and wave. Free soles, free minds."
After viewing this project, comment and like about what you thought about this project and even going barefoot.

Don't forgot to tell and email (or Tweet if you have a Twitter) other people about this project so that there will be more likes and comments onto the support of this project.

Enjoy your day and Happy Barefooting!
Here is a little
activity for you:
Fungi's created in
Now look at the
shoes you are
Do you
see how
shoes and
To find some myths, then please go here:
This one is Florida's bareooting law with the official seal of approval; there is one like this for every US state and even ones for several countries like Canada, Germany, and even the United Kingdom.
Go barefoot to get closer to awakening your senses.
Michael Sandler
Author of Barefoot Walking
Barefoot Sandals
When it comes to going barefoot, there are actually some types of footwear you can use to let your feet breathe while still barefooting in public. One of two good examples would be barefoot sandals, which are sandals dedicated to going barefoot. They look like regular sandals on top, but you're actually barefoot on the bottom.
Go barefoot to be a positive example for the next generation.
Hemp Head
Imperfect Creations
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