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Elizabeth Sundy

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Counseling

• What is the average pay?
$43,000 mean wage
• Are any benefits offered?
It depends on the company and what they offer
• Is there any travel involved with work?
Yes, some conferences require traveling to different places and states.
• Is the work schedule forming to preference?
Yes, counselors have the ability to create their own work schedule, which they can form to be flexible in regards to their life outside of work.

What is the work life for a Christian counselor?
University of North Georgia, here I come!
Unsure of the future, sometimes I hesitate at the gate, afraid.
Fruits of Labor
What education will be required of me?
Let's Get Specific
I will need to obtain a Master's degree or higher in a program that is primarily counseling in content, or in applied psychology, from an institution accredited by a regional body recognized by Council on Higher Education (CHEA). Also, completion of specific coursework and a supervised practice or internship consisting of at least 300 hours will be required.
• Who would employ a Christian counselor?

• What is the job satisfaction for a Christian counseling?

• What is the general time length of an appointment?

• How difficult is it to find work in this field?

• Are there any hardships resulting from this

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Counseling has been defined in the dictionary as..
What is counseling?
In the state of Georgia
What are the different types of counseling?
There are certain requirements in the state of Georgia that one must meet before being able to become a certified counselor. One of these requirements is a Masters degree in Psychology.

There is an estimated fee of $200 to obtain proper training and licenses.

It requires a training period of 4 years or 2,400 hours of supervised post-masters directed experience in professional counseling in a work setting acceptable to the board, with a minimum of 120 hours of supervision. A minimum of 2 years of supervision must be provided by an LPC. OR 3 years/1,800 hours of supervised post-master’s directed experience in professional counseling in a work setting acceptable to the board, a minimum of 90 hours of supervision, and a supervised counseling practicum or internship of at least 300 hours which was part of the graduate degree program. A minimum of 2 years of supervision must be provided by an LPC.
Elizabeth Sundy
professional guidance of the individual by utilizing psychological methods especially in collecting case history data, using various techniques of the personal interview, and testing interests and aptitudes
Addiction Counseling
Career Counseling
Christian Counseling
Clinical Mental Health Counseling (also referred to as Community Counseling)
Marriage, Couple and Family Counseling
School Counseling
Student Affairs and College Counseling
Many churches have a counseling ministry in which they hire those with psychology degrees to work with those inside of the church. Also, many rehab facilities and recovery hospitals hire Christian counselors to help those who do have a faith. There are opportunities as well within independent counseling offices.
While the job of Christian counseling may present itself to be tough, there is great satisfaction in knowing that you are helping someone to better themselves.
When working in an office, general appointments run for an hour. But, working at a facility or hospital would require full time.
While at first finding work might seem like a complication, there are many churches that are always hiring and looking for new people to come in that have fresh ideas and are ready to tackle the new group of adolescents.
The work of this job can come as very stressful due to the emotional toil that it gives, watching people struggle in their lives.
Let's Review
What is the counseling term used for how someone responds to a circumstance in their life?
A) Reaction
B) Response
C) Cope
D) Attitude
Scenario #1
A) School Counselor
B) Addiction Counselor
C) Clinical Counselor

Scenario #2
A) Bipolar Disorder
B) Schizophrenia
C) Depression
D) Stress
Scenario #3
A) School Counselor
B) Teacher
C) Principal
What is type of degree will I need to acquire to become a Counselor?
B) Masters
C) Masters in Psychology
What is the most common cause of stress, depression, and anxiety in teens?
A) Bullying
B) School
C) Parents
D) Society
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