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HotRot 2013-12-3

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on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of HotRot 2013-12-3


HotRot Organic Solutions provide turn-key organic waste treatment solutions for processing difficult organic wastes. Our solutions range from commissioning to installation and even operation if required

To date, HotRot technology has been installed in more than 11 countries.

We specialise in providing solutions in the following areas...

Source Separated Organic Waste
Sewage sludge and biosolids
Sewage sludge and biosolids – on-site treatment at WWTP or centralised facilities.
Background Reading
Contact us
The material presented here is just a selection of the technical material and resources available from our website.

If you are interested in learning more about how the HotRot team can help address your organic waste challenges , please email us at
Source Separated Organic Waste
Food and yard waste
Large-scale municipal applications
Odour Free Guarantee:

HotRot a new generation composting system:

Composting Context report:

System Summary:

Understanding HotRot:

HotRot 3518 motor and gearbox assemblies
HotRot 3518 shaft
Product discharge from HotRot 3518
The core of the HotRot system is the HotRot in-vessel composting unit (available in three models). This is a continuous flow-through system equipped with a unique central tine-bearing shaft to provide optimal composting conditions in an enclosed environment.

The following documents provide useful background reading.

Single HotRot 3518 at Grabouw WWTP, South Africa

Disposable Diapers
and Absorbent Hygiene Waste
The HotRot Diaper System provides a full business model for collection and processing of disposable diapers (nappies) and absorbent hygiene waste (AHW) through to the production of usable compost.
Remote Camps
HotRot's solutions provide the answer to the challenges of processing food scraps and other organic waste at remote camps associated with Mining and Oil & Gas projects.
Specialised Composting
We offer environmentally friendly, on-site composting of organic waste for institutions, zoos, universities and specialist manufacturers such as breweries.
HotRot 1811 and feed hopper at Melbourne Zoo
Multiple HotRot 1811s at waste transfer station
Two HotRot 3518s and feed hopper
Two HotRot 3518s installed in old warehouse in UK
HotRot 1509 at Tangguh LNG, Indonesia
Early HotRot unit with lids off showing excess moisture and heat removal
HotRot 1811 at Koniambo Nickel Mine, New Caledonia
Close up of 1811, feed hopper and biofilter at Koniambo
Unloading HotRot 1509
HotRot 1206 in snow in Poland
HotRot 1206 at Martabe Mine, Indonesia
HotRot 1206 at Century Mine, Australia
About this presentation

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Most of the content is also available in the "extras" folder on this USB card.

Printable PDF documents:

HotRot a new generation composting system
Contractual OdourFree Guarantee
HotRot units do not produce leachate
Installed sites and current projects
Composting Context Report
System Summary
Understanding HotRot
HotRot Models

HotRot 3518 animation.avi

Details of HotRot’s solutions are also contained on our

View our animation showing the HotRot 3518
See Inside
Why use HotRot?
Leachate free
Odour free
Low maintenance costs
Low labour costs
Low power consumption
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View our animation showing the HotRot system in action
HotRot in action
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