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Gilly's speech

No description

paul capes

on 12 August 2010

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Transcript of Gilly's speech

School Where he spent most of his schooldays Woody A.K.A. John Alexander Gill Gilly So
How I met John? Sunday Nights How we all miss them nights At least 20 of us! 7 o'clock Start 10:30 finish Remember the pubs? Hobbies Scouts Irish Dancing Karaoke Running Where else - But? Hookergate School Running Team School Choir Football Team His Favourite Hobby
or Pastime
Has to be......... Of course
our beloved After all those fun years
They spoilt it by making us leave at 17 A quick story Or Is it a? Of my "Best Friend" Sorry i mean Wow remember this building?
These were the best days of our lives John just loved School Look how happy he was in his school photo! Yes
"He did have hair once" Gilly always gets a bit
too passionate
at the match Here we are travelling to
see the TOON once again
get beat in the end :-( John Was the life and soul of our class.

Always up for a laugh! HA John loved the broom cupboard He also loved covering himself in
extinguisher foam John was always throwing his
bag out of
the top window in
class Crushing his
Pencil case -
just for fun! No not that one! This one - John spent hours locked in there Environmental Team (Litter Picker Upperer) He was so much fun to be around

Thanks Gilly for all the laughs As I said before John loved school

He was so passionate about
lots of things and
got involved whenever possible Such as: I never saw John
for 4 years Ahh! I hear you say? That was until I bumped into him
- Literally Meeting up again was the start of the fun times that have lasted until today The start of the world famous: Bourgognes All this to amuse his mates Run Gilly Run! We would all be shouting!! Sunday nights though
brought something John had never experienced
before? The opposite SEX And yes I mean girls We were a little worried
at school in case he
went the other way? I still remember his
first girlfriend The second was a little
Well for John
She was a stunner Shazza Olive But his luck changed
12 years ago When he met
and fell in love with? Jessie Sorry I meant Alison Bottle of DOG An old favourite And The NORM The lethal Our weekend tipple Gorgeous

Both of them Then the journey
home Worswick St And a sing song Gilly was excited at
the prospect of the new
colour away shirt this season But before I get into Alison Id like to mention some of his - Sometimes being a Newcastle fan
is just like being John's friend Emotional Complicated Disapointing Expensive But its never boring! But it could of been a lot worse? We could of all been born...... John met Alison I only remember that day
as my daughter Georgia was born and I remember drunkingly showing around the picture to Alison and her friends Getting back
to Alison They soon moved in together And before long Had a wonderful son - OWEN Shortly followed a few years later with - Sam I'm also so glad John & Alison got together and had a family I don't see why he should have
an easy life! 611 Yel When the rest of us men all have to suffer John just loves to dance No doubt we will see some later on tonight as he consumes more alcohol! Well forest was always fast I just hope we don't
have one tonight Please Ali tell me
we dont? BUT MACKAMS!!! John & I have run together a few times now This is a rare occasion when we actually
finished together As Gilly is very
competitive Well i say together He likes to run ahead to beat his older, bigger and
supposedly good friend Well by 7 seconds wasn't
it John? But we never mention it Well that was a bit of how I know John There are lots more dark secrets I could of told you But there private and I couldn't of possibly put them on here If you meet me at the bar? Mines a .............. And I'll tell you anything you want to know Although John is and has been a fantastic friend
He has been a great Godfather to my
2 daughters Has been
Not just a friend but like a brother to me since we met up again! My wife Suzanne - Loves him X Georgia & Mollie think he is so funny he always makes them laugh My mother in law adores him Well I think I've said enough
about him so..........
I'm going to leave you with this You are my best mate And I love you to bits I hope you will always will be Enjoy your day and Have a wonderful life together Alison & John All thats left to say is........ Woody Jessie JUST MARRIED Well the funniest days
anyway Yes Mavis he got 6 months litter duty!! The teachers made us for being how can I put it............

To Enthusiastic! For being NAUGHTY!!!!! Well it wasn't really a volunteering group Then there is - John has always loved The Stag Do Just in case you wondered

why the Toy Story theme? THE
END Looks familiar doesn't he? He still loves the
outdoors today
and the tight pink shorts I'm so proud to be thier Godfather Well we had to - you should of seen his own clothes! Sorry Alison but the other pictures and videos Are for YouTube only As Mr & Mrs Gill Some people say he is a clown? I think he's more of a cowboy? John Jimmy Ah cute Not so cute
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