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Science Fair Project

No description

Tori Turner

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

Tori Turner Period:7 Evaporation Sensation Introduction Summary: This experiment shows which liquid evaporates
the fastest of the following: Sprite, water, vinegar,
orange juice, and milk. Each liquid was kept at room temp-
erature and measured every 2 hours. I was interested in
this project because I thought it would be interesting
to observe the changes in the liquids. Question & Hypothesis Question: Do all liquids evaporate at the same rate?

Hypothesis: If I set out 5 liquids (Sprite, water,
vinegar, milk, and orange juice), then Sprite will
evaporate the fastest. Materials >Milk >5 cups
>Orange juice >Data table
>vinegar >Measuring cup
>Timer/Stopwatch Procedure 1)Create your data table.
2)Set out the 5 cups.
3)Pour 1 cup of each of the liquids into the 5 cups.
4)Set your timer for 2 hours.
5)Once the timer goes off, measure all 5 cups and
write down any changes.
6)Repeat steps 4 and 5 until each of
the liquids have evaporated. Data Analysis Conclusion & Future Projects I reject my hypothesis because Sprite did not
evaporate the fastest, orange juice did. Orange
juice evaporated the fastest because the water
evaporated leaving the pulp behind.
Future projects:
1)Does water evaporate faster than orange
2)Which liquid evaporates faster Sprite
or orange juice? Evidence:
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