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Samuel Duarte

No description

Sammy Duarte

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Samuel Duarte

Samuel 's Spring Conference
Core Classes Show and Tell
Here are some work samples I would like to share with you.
Social Studies:
100 Book:
Target Time:

100 Book
I am on step . 489
The target step is . March 3-485
Things that HELP me accomplish my reading steps: A thing that's help me with my reading is Reading in a quiet area.

Things that get in the way of accomplishing my reading steps: the thing that get in my way is loud noises.
My power goal is: is to have words we don't know
My current color level: Black
The color level I started on: Black
Winter Assessment Results
MCOMP: Target:21 score 21
MCAP: Target: 24 score15

OLPA Reading: does not meet
OLPA Math: Does not meet

MCA Reading Test Dates:
MCA Math Test Dates:

Successes and Goals
Things that I am doing well: The thing that i do well in school is my core class.

One goal I have for the last quarter: One goal I have is I want to get A A plus.

My plan to improve and accomplish my goal: MY plan is to turn in homework and study.
The best things about Sixth Grade:
Questions anyone
Welcome mom and dad This is my Conference I hope you like It!!!
Thing I like about 6 grade is P.E and science, lunch and recess and friends.
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