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Jason and the Argonauts

No description

Sanjay Rampersaud

on 5 September 2014

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Transcript of Jason and the Argonauts

Jason and the Argonauts
The Beginning
Jason the son of Aeson is prince of Iolcus. His uncle Pelias captureed Aeson so he can become king. Pelias was going to kill baby Jason but Jason's mother pulled a ruse on Pelias and pretended that Jason was dead, but he was sent to the cave of Chiron. Chiron tutored Jason. Chiron was a known for teaching heros such as Achilles
The Start of a Journey
Jason went to Iolcus to take his place as king, but before he started he saw a old lady who wanted to cross a river. Jason then caarried the lady across the strong current of the river where he loses a sandle. The lady then reveals herself to be Hera the queen of the gods and the wife of Zeus. She says that she blesses Jason on his journey.
After many months he reaches Iolcus. Pelias is shocked to see him because an oracle told him, "Beware of a stranger who is wears but a single sandal." He then tells Jason that if he could get the Golden Fleece (a magical and powerful object) he can become king. Jason accepts.
Argo and The Argonauts
Jason gets a ship that is called Argo, which is one of the first named ships in history. Soon word gets around that Jason is looking for a group to help him. the Group is known as the Argonauts. The Argonauts inclued Hercules, Peleus, Euphemus, and more heros.
The Journey to The Golden Fleece
Jason and the Argonauts go passed The Isle of Lemmnos, which is home to women who killed their husbands. They then stop in Cyzicus to get suppiles, but the a tribe of six armed giants called Gegeines try to raid the ship but it is defended by Hercules, who kills most of them.
They then reach Thrace were the king Phineus was getting his food stolen by Nymphs. Jason killed the Nymphs and in return Phineus told the Argonauts how to get past Symplegades, which is a huge rock that smashes anything that goes through it. Jason and the Arognauts pass Symplegades and arrived in Colchis where the fleece was.
Getting the Golden Fleece
In Colchis, Jason and the Argonauts met king Aeetes, who did not like Jason. He gave him a couple of impossible tasks to complete. The goddess Hera convinced the goddess of love Aphrodite to make the daughter of Aeetes to fall in love with Jason. Her name was Medea and she helped Jason with the tasks and helped him escape from traps from her father. Medea told Jason about a surprise attack from her father and sso he left at midnight to get the Golden Fleece.
The Golden Fleece
Jason saw the fleece but it was guarded by a fire breathing dragon. He took his sword out and was ready to fight the beast; however, Medea told Jason to play a song so the dragon could fall asleep. The dragon fell asleep and Jason took the Fleece back to Iolcus where he was crowned king of Iolcus.
Lesson to be Learned
The lesson to be learned is that you can overcome anything.

Perseverance is learned as well.
Why Myths Matter
Myths matter because it influences society today. For example many things today are named after gods and mythology stories. Nike is named after the goddess of victory and Odyssey Cruise Lines is named after Homer's Odyssey. We also still use Mythology today in a more modern way. The Avengers are some what analagous to Jason and The Argonauts.
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