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What Type of Music Stimulates Plant Growth?!?

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Veronica Perkins

on 27 December 2012

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Transcript of What Type of Music Stimulates Plant Growth?!?

Purpose I am conducting this experiment to find out what type of music has the best effect on plant growth. Hypothesis If i put a plant in a foam cup with R&B (classical)
music playing then, it would have the best effect on plant growth. Conclusion What type of music stimulates plant growth Materials 1. R&B music 7.Measuring cup
2.Rap music
3. 3plant seeds
4. 3 Plastic cups
5. Water
6. Sharpie marker Procedure 1. Place 1 or 2 cups of dirt in all three cups.
2. Place plant seeds securely in each cup of dirt.
3. Label your cups A,B,& C.
4. Leave cup C as it is and just water it daily.
5. Place cup B in a Rap music environment & water it daily.
6. Place cup A in a R&B music environment & water it daily.
7. Record your data on a table for each day of the process.
8. Compare your results.
(Make sure to water all of your plants the same amount of water.) Results In plant A, all of the plant seeds(15 seeds) showed some type of growth.
In plant B, only 7 seeds showed growth stimulation.
In plant C, 8 seeds showed growth improvement. References www.madsci.orgwwworegonstate
www.grascity.com I can conclude that my hypothesis was supported. The R&B music environment had the best effect on plant growth. What I learned was that smooth and aggressive music can help the stimulation of a plant. What I would change is the type of plants I used and the music i used to conduct this experiment. ww.youth.net www.rexresearch Variables Acknowledgements I would like to thank my parents for buying my materials and allowing me to blast different styles of music throughout the house. I would also like to thank my sisters for giving me the idea and helping out with the procedure.
Last, I would like to thank my science teacher for telling me to go through with this project no matter what happens.
-Veronica Perkins Dependent:Number of days for the recording of the growth.
Independent:Number of plants starting to stimulate.
Controlled:The music.
Control Group: Plant A.
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