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The Crucible ABC's

No description

Anthony Nguyen

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of The Crucible ABC's

The ABC's of the Crucible Anthony Nguyen
Period 4 By: A is for Abigail B is for Bird C is for Confessions D is for Devil E is for Elizabeth Proctor F is for Faithful G is for Giles Corey H is for Hale I is for Intelligent J is for John Proctor K is for Knitting L is for Lying M is for Mary Warren N is for Noose O is for Osborn P is for Parris Q is for Quitting R is for Reputation S is for Salem T is for Tituba U is for Unfair V is for Vengeance W is for Whore X is for Xtreme Hysteria Y is for Youth Z is for Zephyr The End "I--I know not. A
wind, a cold wind,
has come"
- Abigail (Act III, 108). "I'll fly to Mama. Let me fly!"
- Betty (Act 1, 19). "My daughter tells me how she heard
them speaking of ships last week, and
tonight I discover my -- my strongbox is
broke into"
- Parris (Act 4, 126). "How do you call from Heaven! Whore! Whore!"
- John Proctor (Act III, 109). "That bloody mongrel Walcott charge her. Y'see, he
buy a pig of my wife four or five years ago, and the pig died soon after. So he come dancin' in for his money back. Now he goes to court and claims that from that day to this he cannot keep a big alive ... because my Martha bewitch them with her books!"
- Giles Corey (Act II, 72). "But who tells us Rebecca Nurse
murdered seven babies by
sending out her spirit on them?"
(Act III, 91). "Oh, how many times he bid me kill
you, Mr. Parris!"
-Tituba (Act 1, 47). "A small upper bedroom in the home
of Reverend Samuel Parris, Salem,
Massachusetts, in the spring of the
year 1692"
-Author (Act 1, 3).
"We cannot leap to witchcraft. They
will howl me out of Salem for such
corruption in my house"
-Parris (Act 1, 14). "I denounce these
proceedings, I quit
this court!"
- Hale (Act III, 120). "And I pray you feel the
weight of truth upon you,
for now my ministry's at
-Parris (Act 1, 11). "Goody Osburn -- will hang!"
-Mary Warren (Act II, 56). "The final drumroll crashes, then heightens
violently. Hale weeps in frantic prayer, and
the new sun is pouring in upon her face, and
the drums rattle like bones in the morning
- Stage Directions (Act IV, 145). "No, I love God; I go your way
no more. I love God, I bless God.
Abby, Abby, I'll never hurt you
- Mary Warren (Act III, 119). "Let either of you breathe
a word, or the edge of a word,
about the other things, and I
will come to you in the black
of some terrible night and I
will bring a pointy reckoning
that will shudder you"
- Abigail (Act 1, 20). "I made a gift for you today, Goody
Proctor. I had to sit long hours in a
chair, and passed the time with sewing"
-Mary Warren (Act II, 56). "I can. And there's your first
marvel, that I can. You have made
your magic now, for now I do
think I see some shred of goodness
in John Proctor"
-John Proctor (Act IV, 144). "...no principle, however
glorious may justify
the taking of it. Let him
give his lie"
- Hale (Act IV, 132). "Only this consider: the world
goes mad, and it profit
nothing you should lay the
cause to the vengeance of a
little girl"
- Hale (Act II, 79). "They say he give them
but two words. "More
weight," he says. And
- Elizabeth (Act IV, 135).
"Why, it is a lie, it is a lie; how may I
damn myself? I cannot, I cannot"
-Rebecca Nurse (Act IV, 140). "It is not my soul, John,
it is yours. Only be sure of
this, for I know it now:
Whatever you will do, it
is a good man does it"
-Elizabeth (Act IV, 137). "I -- have no knowledge in that
line. But it's hard to think so
pious a woman be secretly a
Devil's ***** after seventy years
of such good prayer"
-John Proctor (Act II, 64). "He will confess! Proctor will confess!"
-Judge Hathorne (Act IV, 138). "Her claws, she's stretching her claws!"
-Susanna Walcott (Act III, 115). "I saw Goody Sibber with the
- Abigail (Act I, 48). A zephyr passed Abigail when she felt "Mary Warren's"
presence from the air, and she felt it was Mary's spirit. The youth, Ruth Putnam, and Betty, played an important role when the girls pretended to faint. They also helped determine that Salem had been bewitched; they fell in a sleep they could not wake from. The hysteria amounted
to the point where
confessing now made you a good
person instead of the Devil's man.
The hysteria resembled the McCarthy trials in the 1930's. Many people were guided by their fears during this hysteria. John Proctor in court, when he realized that the only
evidence left was to call out Abigail for lechery, called out
to the court that she was a whore and a fraud.
Unfortunately, Judge Danforth pulled Elizabeth, proved John wrong, and had him arrested. The accusations all came from vengeance from one person to the next, it seemingly would not stop. Vengeance was a main motivator in encouraging the hanging of people. Many of the trials were unfair and not thought out. The judges wanted to keep their reputation and keep the hangings going, without thinking of who was trying to keep their Puritan values, and who was really innocent. Tituba came from the Barbados, and
set the girls up in the forest to practice
charms, in which Abigail used, in the hopes
of killing Elizabeth Proctor.
Tituba was the first to confess to working
with the Devil, and the girls followed her lead, in the hopes that it would deflect any kind of blame or accusation off of them. Salem, Massachusetts was a good religious town, and in the spring of 1692, it was just another normal Puritan town, before the Salem Witch Trials started. In the beginning, all Parris and Hale
cared about was their reputation and
how they could keep it. It is a
recurring theme that happens throughout
the book and the fear of losing a good reputation, or maintaining one, caused the people to do reckless things. At the end of the trial of John Proctor, Hale finally quit
the courts, believing in Team Logic, and that the trials were not being judged correctly. Parris is a man who cares about his reputation. Although, people already disliked him, he did not want to make it worse. His actions were guided by his motive of reputation. Goody Osburn was a hardcore
Christian woman. She
worshipped and prayed everyday, and yet she was one of
the many devout Christians to die because she would not confess. The noose was the cause of most of the death for the people accused of witchcraft. It would break their necks and stop their breathing. Mary Warren went to court in order to protect Elizabeth Proctor, and ended up with peer pressure from Abigail. Abigail had brainwashed Mary to then accuse Proctor of working with the devil. John completely broke down afterwards. Lying played a major part in the Salem Witch Trials. In order to not get hanged, and not die, many of the accused confessed and lied about the Devil and witchcraft. Mary Warren had knitted Elizabeth
Proctor a doll in which she could keep.
Abigail used a needle that Mary had put
in her doll, to stab herself, and to prove
that Elizabeth had used the doll to try to kill Abigail. John is a hard-working man. His Christian values showed at the end, when he decided to hang, instead of lying, because he believed that he could be a better man and that this was the first step to make up for his sins. The battle between Team
Logic and Team Illogical, seemed to never give in to Team Logic. Team Illogical had taken over, out of the fear that the Devil had really run in Salem. Only a few actually thought out what was happening and judged that there was no witchcraft happening in Salem. Reverend Hale first came to
Salem in order to prove his
reputation and prove that the Devil had indeed been in Salem. At the end though, he believes that he had gone too far, and tries to get everyone to confess, so that no guilt is in him. Giles Corey was a fearsome man. He defended his wife the best he could, but when he could not, he was sentenced to death and he was pressed to death. He did not give in, and said more weight to show his courage. Some Christians were faithful to their
religion and to God, by staying innocent, and not lying. It did not matter about the consequences, because they knew that even if they died, they believed would go to Heaven. Elizabeth was a mom to three sons, and the enemy to Abigail. She had a rocky relationship with John, until the end when they finally loved each other, and Elizabeth was faithful to John for whatever decision he made. The Devil was the motivator and the fear of the Salem Witch Trials. It was never loose in Salem, but because of Tituba and the girls, everyone else believed the Devil was loose, and mass chaos ensued. Proctor finally decided to make a confession
at the end, but after he confessed, he
regretted his decision and decided that in
order to be a good Christian, he must stay
true, and not confess to being with the Devil.
Many others though, chose the path of confessing that they were with the Devil in order to live. Abigail and the girls at the end of the
trial, out of fear of distrust, faked that
there was a bird in the sky that was swooping down, and that bird was Mary Warren's spirit. The bird scene ultimately made Mary Warren break down and give in to peer pressure. Abigail had a love relationship
with Proctor, and all the
accusing of witchcraft on Elizabeth,
was all to kill Elizabeth, and to
have Proctor be hers.
Her plan becomes a debacle when she finally realizes that Proctor will never love her and she runs away in fear.
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