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Individual Attributes of A.Hitler

No description

Marshall Chen Zhangmiao

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of Individual Attributes of A.Hitler

A Skill based model of Adolf.Hitler
General Cognitive Ability
A person's intelligence (Linked to biology)

-Perceptual processing
-Information processing
-General reasoning Skills
-Creative and divergent thinking capacities
-Memory Skills

Expand up through early adulthood and then declines with age.
Crystallized Cognitive Ability
Intellectual Ability learned or acquired over time.

-Problem solving skills
-Conceptual ability
-Social Judgment skills

Grows continuously and does not fall off in adulthood
Essential to develop leadership skills

-Willing to lead
-Willing to express dominance-to exert their influence
-Commited to the social good

-Tolerance for ambiguity
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