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The Ocean Basins of the world

this is mostly about oceanography,and the divisions of the global ocean

shelby nimmons

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Ocean Basins of the world

The Ocean Basins of
the World Global Ocean Oceanography the world is 3-quarters% ocean.most of the earths surface is under the ocean.No other planet in our solar system has similar covering of liquid water Sonar is used to research the ocean floor
sonar means SOund Navigation And Ranging Submersibles are vessels we use to research the oceans depths Deep-ocean basins Trenches Abyssal Plains mir-ocean ridges Seamounts The Ocean floor has many sediments Inorganic,Biogenic Sediments chemical deposite The global ocean is divided into 5 major parts,the pacific,atlantic,Indian,arctic,and southern oceans,Also many smaller seas
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