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The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

Prezi Assignment

Hunter Penton

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict

By Trenton Lee Stewart The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict Characters Setting Inciting Force/Conflict/Rising Action Point of View Climax Conclusion The characters are Nicholas Benedict, John Cole, Violet Hopefield, Mr. Collum, and the Spiders The setting is at Rothschild's End Orphanage a place where the children do the jobs and activities a normal child might do. Go to school, do chores common things. You'd find in a common household The point of view is of Nicholas Benedict a nine year old boy who could remember a book word for word The inciting force is when Nicholas finds out about the Rothschild's millions hidden away somewhere. The conflict that gets in his way from time to time is Mr.Collum who is also searching for the millions. Also the spiders a mean gang of bullies who are out for Nicholas because he keeps out smarting them. The climax is that Nicholas found the treasure which turns out to be something no one would ever think of when you hear the word treasure. The conclusion is that the treasure turned out to be the orphanage library and the millions was donated to have construction built on the local library the next town over. Explanation I choose this passage because I think it will make people want to read the book more and it explained how Nicholas was about to handle the situation. I think the author is making this a climactic part of the book because we will find out what happened to her Passage Rating One thing I liked was that Nicholas, John Cole, and Violet never gave up on the treasure. One thing I didn't like was that the treasure turned out to be a library. I will read a couple of paragraphs From page 212 j
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