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First Aid

No description

joselyn merino

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of First Aid

First Aid
Fire Blanket vs. Fire Extinguisher
Fire extinguisher: used for dry fires, started by matches and stoves. Never use on a human because the extinguisher's chemicals can burn the skin or permanently effect your vision.

Fire Blanket: use for chemically based started fires (extinguisher would make fire bigger in this situation). This is also used when someone is on fire, wrap them in it and let them stop, drop, & roll.

Types of Burns
1st degree burns :
mild sunburn
flash burn ,
brief burst of heat

First Aid Equipment

The End
By: Isabella Zaccagnini & Joselyn Merino
Questions #1
What is Peroxide used for?
Question #2
What is the difference between a fire blanket and a fire extinguisher ?
Question #5
Question #6
What are splints used for?
3rd degree burns
Majors burns like chemicals burns.
If you get a 3rd degree burn
dont remove burned clothing,
dont immerse large severe burns in cold water,
check for signs of circulation,
elevate the burned body,
cover the area of the burn and go to the hospital
2rd degree burns
is a scrape or minor cut
ex: rug burns
Puncture Wound
when skin is pierced with a pointed object. Some cuts can be deep
ex. A nail stuck directly in your hand
How to Care for Cuts
The first layer of skin has been burned through the second lawyer of skin. Blisters develop over the burn; there is severe pain and swelling .
clean the cut
stop the bleeding
cover with bandage
if it gets infected go to the doctor
First Aid Kit
a puncture wound :
you want to stop the bleeding
clean the wound
apply antibiotic
cover the wound
change the bandage regularly
watch for signs of infection

stop the bleeding
elevate your wound for 30 minutes
apply medication
apply a cold cloth
bandage up and change frequently
go to the hospital if severe
(ex. the photo)
stop the bleeding
clean the wound
apply antiseptic
go to the doctor
Lacerations: is a cut or tear in the skin that can be quit deep
ex: A knife cut your skin

Types of Cuts
Deep Puncture Wound
when a portion of the skin is partiality or
completely torn off
Severe 3rd degree burn
Question #3
What is an avulsion cut?
Question #4
What is a second degree burn?
Gauze Roller Bandage
This is a soft tightly rolled circular bandage made with gauze. It is usually used when you want cover and protect your wound.
Rubbing Alcohol
Rubbing Alcohol is used as an antiseptic and is normally applied with cotton balls
A sterile pad is a thin piece of a cloth-like material used to protect open wounds from bacteria and other contaminants.
Sterile Pad
A cotton applicator is a q-tip looking object to apply medication on the wound without risking the chances for infections
Cotton Applicator
Antiseptic is normally sprayed or applied to the wound to prevent the growth of disease-causing micro organisms
Splints are a strip of rigid material used for supporting a broken bone when it has been set
Aspirin is used to medicinally relieve and reduce mild or chronic pain
Used as antiseptic to prevent the risk of infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns
Adhesive Tape
A strong fabric covered on one side with an adhesive (able to stick fast to a surface or object; sticky). Often water repellent, it may be used to hold bandages in place, to immobilize a part or to exert pressure.
An elastic support bandage is a form of bandage that assists the healing of injured muscles and bones, helps slow the bleeding of a wound, or provides support to prevent injuries from occurring.
Elastic Support Bandage
Traditionally a finger condom is used to cover a cut, stitches or wound while working with food in the kitchen
Finger Condoms
Heimlich Maneuver
What are the three ways you can preform the Heimlich maneuver?
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