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Prewriting for a Compare and Contrast Essay

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Brittni Troy

on 15 May 2014

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Transcript of Prewriting for a Compare and Contrast Essay

Thesis Statement
Prewriting for a Compare and Contrast Essay
Hook, Line & Sinker!
Start with a question!
Transitional Words
Tell the reader that the writer is changing from talking about one topic to the other topic
Organization of Your Essay
Introduction Paragraph
The job of the introduction is to.....
Make your reader WANT to read the rest of your essay!
Would you want to continue reading these essays?
1. Plate boundaries are similar and different. Let me tell you why.
2. This is an essay about how plate boundaries are similar and different.
Meet the Funnel!
Thesis Statement - 1 sentence, tells exactly what the essay will talk about
Explanation of the general topic (1 OR 2 sentences)
Introduce the topic you will be writing about
Ex: Did you know that plate boundaries are found all around the world, even in the oceans?
Start with an interesting fact!
Ex: Movement at plate boundaries cause devastating earthquakes, volcanoes and tsunamis each year.
Ex: Although all types of plate boundaries can cause natural disasters, transform boundaries result in the most devastating earthquakes.
Make Your Own!
1. What is the topic of your essay?
2. What is the purpose of your essay?
3. What do your supporting details say about your topic?
Make Your Own!
Although ___(topic)___ share many similarities, ___(topic)___ are different in many ways.
Key Words:
Each paragraph will talk about 1 of the essential ideas!
Similarities & differences related to each essential idea are presented together in each paragraph.
They help make your writing flow!
Identify the Transitions!
Ex: At a divergent boundary, plates move away from each other. However, at a convergent boundary, plates move towards each other.
Start with a quote!
Transition words that show similarities:
Transition words that show differences:
Just like
In addition
Ex: Divergent boundaries create mid - ocean ridges. Similarly, convergent boundaries create features in the ocean called deep- ocean trenches.
Here is an example:
When two plates meet at a boundary, many types of land or ocean features can form. Convergent boundaries can create mountains, like the Himalayas. However, divergent boundaries only create mountains under water called mid- ocean ridges.
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