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Roman Inquiry Project

No description

William Rush

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Roman Inquiry Project

Roman Inquiry Project
Architecture in Rome: It's A Rap!
BY: William Rush
Roman Aqueducts
I am a roman aqueduct. I deliver fresh water to the city of Rome for public baths, bathrooms ,fountains and most wealthy houses. We drain are waste in flowing body's of water to keep are city clean . My bros and I are made of various materials , such as stone , bricks and other materials. right now my dad is under ground to
A great example of Roman Architecture
The Roman Aqueducts
Top 10 facts that you should know about the Republic of Rome
The Bibliography of Carlos
The Bibliography of Alex
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This is a government building in Rome
The Romans have widely influenced The United States of America.
Williams Rush's Bibliography
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ARE AMERICANS THE NEW ROMANS??? Here are our top 10 facts to show that we might just be!!!
1. They hired policemen and firemen and made
departments for both people
2. They created veto which is to not accept laws.
3. They made government officials
4. They gave power to the people by letting
them vote by letting them vote for their leaders
5. The Romans they had split the military into two parts one is army and the other is navy.
6. Lots of countries have a republic government like the U.S.A.
7. The government chose the people for the army.
8. The republic started in 509 B.C. and the start of
the empire was also the end of the republic which is 27 B.C.
9. the police,army,navy,firemen
they wouldn’t be there without the republic
10. Even though the Romans don't have the technology today they managed a long time as a Republic.
Roman Architecture
What a beautiful thing.
Just thinking about it
Gives my heart a big zing!
Like roads so well built
and so well engineered.
Used for getting troops around Rome
really helped keep Rome clear. (of enemies)
Bathhouses were awesome
they were oh so cool.
What did bathhouses influence?
Our modern public pools!
They had three kinds of pools:
Hot, warm, and cold.
Only rich people could use them;
only poor people that are bold.
Finally, we have housing.
Some houses make you say,"WHOA MISS!"
Not the poor insula
but the big, rich DOMUS!
Speaking of domus
Let's talk about that.
They were great, big and grand.
With laves that held a hat.
Domus had columns and statues
unlike the insula.
Insulae fell down and burned down
Taking away homes and some grandpas.
Insulae really sucked.
They were dirty, smelly, and unhealthy
On the bottom there were shops
And on top they were unwealthy.
This concludes this rap song
I really thank you all.
Although this was wrote in the summer
You be reading this at fall.

1. We are both the most powerful country/empire in the world.
2. Rome had one of the greatest armies of their time. Guess who has the most powerful army today?
3. Rome kept its people happy with services like our modern McDonald's or Walmart do.
4. Rome may not have had bills, but they had common currency. Just like us.
5. We have the most advanced technology in our times.
6. We have ways to keep us sanitize and healthy.
7. We both had to fight for freedom from another country or government.
8. We have a republic.
9. We have the most powerful society and so do they.
10. How we conquered land is the same strategy and way.

So by taking all this information and some other info, we can infer we are a lot like the Romans, but maybe not exactly. I think we won't go down like the Romans. Instead, we can easily stay a country for a very long time. With things like the United Nations and the armies these days, this world is a lot more civilized and united than the times of the Romans.
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