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Multimedia Presentation: Brian Eno

No description

Jessica Banuelos

on 18 September 2016

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Transcript of Multimedia Presentation: Brian Eno

Multimedia Presentation:
Brian Eno

“Children learn through play,
adults play through art.
Making things is a direct continuation
of what we all do as children.
We know that playing is essential for development,
but at a certain point in our lives we think
we have to stop all that and get serious.
I say that you don’t ever
have to get serious.”
Brian Eno
on Creating Fearlessly
"Someone once asked Edison why he patented several hundred different types of light bulbs before he hit on one that worked. He said 'I've discovered 1000s of ways of how a lightbulb doesn't work.' If you take that experimental attitude, nothing that you do is a failure."
Bowie, Eno, and Fripp
"It's intuitive to think that anything complex has to be made by something more complex, but evolution theory says that complexity arises out of simplicity. That's a bottomup picture. I like that idea as a compositional idea, that you can set in place certain conditions and let them grow. It makes composing more like gardening than architecture."
Eno's Album "The Ship"
Released in 2016
Eno Pays Tribute
to David Bowie
"In general, the listener wants much less than the creator. When you're creating something, it's very easy to get into a nervous state and think 'Oh God, here's a whole bar where nothing happens,' and try to get more stuff in. But as a listener you're quite happy with these open spaces."
"...whenever I found a picture that excited me, I’d write a piece of music for it."
On Making Music...
by Jessica Banuelos
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