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Grace Redner

on 18 June 2017

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Transcript of Michigan!!

Michigan is a very interesting state!
Michigan is in the U.S.A.

This Prezi is all about Michigan and places in Michigan.
Natural Resources
Iron ore, gold, dimands, plants, the Great Lakes, copper and many other things are natural resources! A lot of natural resources are found in the Upper Peninsula. Natural resources are everywhere!
In Michigan we have two main regions, the Upper Peninsula (U.P.) and the Lower Peninsula (L.P.). In the U.P. there are small mountains and rolling hills. The U.P. is rich with natural resources and the biggest city in the U.P. is Marquette. It became even bigger when iron was found. In the L.P. there is a much bigger population. Glaciers made the L.P. low and flat. There are also many acres of forest.
Tourist Attractions
There are many cool places in Michigan. For example, Sleeping Bear Dunes, the Soo Locks, Mackinac Island , Beaver Island, Comerica Park, Pictured Rocks (shown below) and much more!
That's All!
Isn't Michigan cool? All these places/facts are in/about Michigan! I hope you liked my Prezi!
Mackinac Island
Mackinac Island is inbetween the U.P. and L.P. Long ago it was a yearly gathering for the Anishinaabe tribe. It is a popular destination for tourists. No cars are allowedon the island. In fact, you can get a horse and carriage ride. There is a state harbor and the famous Grand Hotel also on the island.
Beaver Island
Beaver island is in nourthern Lake Michigan. It is part of Charlevoix County and the school district that covers the island is much better than the state average.
Fayette is a state park between Escanaba and Manistique in the U.P. The approximate size is 711 acres and it is named after Fayette Brown.
The Henry Ford Museum
The Henry Ford Museum is in Dearborn. It has tours that show how they used to make cars and is a great place to go with family or friends!
Detroit is the 18th largest city in America and used to be 4th largest! 713,000 people live in detroit!
Here are some cool facts about Detroit: 1) Its the potato chip capital of the world. 2) It has the only floating post office. 3) It is home to the largest flower bedding in the world. 4) Approximitly one-third of Detroit's 140 sq miles are either vacent or derelict!
The Detroit River
The river is a channel linking Lake St. Clair to Lake Erie
It was formed 10,000-12,000 years ago
32 miles long
0.3-4 miles wide
Contains 21 islands
Lansing is the state capital! These facts are all about Lansing. Michigan State University is in East Lansing. Lansing used to operate lagoon ponds at the ballparks on American Ave until it was decided that they weren't needed. Lastly, the chandeliers are one of a kind by "Tiffany's of NY" that where made special for the building!
Mackinac Bridge
The Mackinac Bridge is a very cool bridge in many ways! Some cool things about the Mackinac Bridge are: It's the 5th largest suspension bridge in the world, it is 5 miles long, it opened to traffic on November 1, 1957 and it is 552 feet above water!
The Blue Water Bridge
The Blue Water Bridge is in Port Huron. It has 3 main spans. It is also rated 9th nationally and is 6,178 feet long!
The Old Presque Isle Lighthouse
Did you know that the name Presque Isle is French for "almost an island"? This lighthouse is located in Lake Huron. You can go through the lighthouse (there is a fee). The walls are brick and the lighthouse is 31 feet tall!
Cass Lake
Cass lake is the largest lake in Oakland County. It covers 1,280 acres. The maximum depth is 123 feet and Dodge #4 state park is also located on the lake!
Chinch Bug Island
There used to be a house on Chinch Bug Island in the middle of Cass Lake. One day, the owners of the house were going to church and when they came back, the house was on fire! They called the fire dept., but it was winter and the ice wasn't thick enough. The house burned down, and today some bricks and other things from the house are still there!
Mackinac City
In Mackinac City, tourist season is in the summer. The offical name for the community is"The village of Mackinac City." Mackinac is the most popular tourist destination in Michigan!
The Great Lakes
Erie: The warmest Great Lake
Superior: Home of Pictured Rocks
Michigan: Entirely in Michigan
Huron: Largest shoreline
Ontario: Much deeper then Lake Erie
The Great Lakes!
The Great Lakes are one of the biggest Natural Resources in the world!
Fayette state park
The upper peninsala
Lake Supirier
Detroit river
Detroit/The henry ford mueseum
The blue water bridge
Lake Erie
The lower peninsala
Lake Michigan
Lake Huron
Beaver island
Mackinac island
Mackinac city
Mackinac bridge
Soo locks
Cass lake
The palace
Presquelle light house
Sleeping bear dunes
Where the most copper is found
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