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Joshua Watts

about Josh

Alia Al-Siri

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Joshua Watts

The word "creation” implies adding something to the universe. And I don't think man adds to the universe. I think man is a very extraordinary part of the universe for he demonstrates the unique capability to discover and intellectually identify abstract, operative principles of the universe.
R. Buckminster Fuller
Joshua Watts All of my work has a personal meaning that becomes infinite once introduced to the viewing public. It is my hope that viewers can find their own interpretation of the ideas and images I present, making them their own. Bachelor of Fine Arts, Printmaking Bradley University, IL Master of Fine Arts, Printmaking University of South Dakota, SD 18-4-1978 Visual Arts Professor Awards WORKSHOPS / LECTURES EXHIBITIONS PRESS/ PUBLICATIONS Gum Dichromate Mixed Media Printmaking "Messages (Distance)"
159 x 105 cm
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