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French Project

No description

Kalsum Afzal

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of French Project

Artist: Olivia Ruiz Nouvelle Chanson Genre: Pop/Nouvelle Chanson(New Music) This of music is called Nouvelle Chanson which means a new style of music in france.
This music is an updated stlye of music played these days.
This music is often influenced by rock and electronica.
This music can be referred with many genres.
The genre of "new music" I'm doing is pop. Olivia Ruiz (French Singer) Olivia Ruiz is a french/partial spanish singer.
She is the daughter of musician Didier Blanc
As a singer she was recognised as Female Artist of the Year in 2007 and was very accomplished in her songs. Songs..... (New Music) Prezi Made by : Kalsum Afzal 2003 : J'aime pas l'amour
2003 : Pas si vieille
2003 : Qui sommes nous
2004 : Le tango du qui, Hénault-Parizel.
2004 : Les vieux amoureux,
2005 : J'traîne des pieds,
2006 : La femme chocolat,
2007 : Non dits, Her singles include.... The Song I Chose Was... J'traîne des pieds - I drag my feet Food French Pound Cake / quatre-quarts
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