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The Art of Farting

No description

eun chae lee

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of The Art of Farting

1. Use your environment Fart is............. Confidence by Eunchae, Hangman, Youngsun, Yoojeong The Grand Inquiry on Farting 2. Act Nonchalant
(BE CALM) 3. Scientific Approach 1. Diet

Sweet Potato
Soda The Art of Farting 1. Just fart. be careful!! 2. Be calm like nothing had happened 3. Say no. Blame other things Sound 2. Outside Force Smell Examples (Good & Bad) Solution: widen the path Hazards & Rewards '_'/ 3. Inside Force Hazards?! get a good control of sphincter *concentration* Farting is a process of releasing evil spirits from our body. 1. Find an ideal place
2. Act like you are tired
3. Go to that place
4. Do it
5. Come back after 5~10 minutes Warning!! If somebody already took the place, you need to wait until they sit. Rewards
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