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Kennedy and Civil Rights

USA GCSE lesson

Laurie Johnston

on 12 May 2013

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Transcript of Kennedy and Civil Rights

All will learn about influences on Kennedy (Grade C)
Most will be able to evaluate JFK's Civil Rights record (Grade B)
Some will be able to evaluate to A Grade standard Kennedy and Civil Rights Progress check 1 EXIT PROGRESS On your whiteboards:

What kind of conspiracy did Malcolm X think Black Americans were facing? Anita, Daniela, Anisah, Sallay, Janet, Rafaella Reading time: Use essay builder to answer this question:

'President Kennedy achieved important advances in civil rights'. Use all the sources and your own knowledge to say whether you agree with this statement. (16 marks) 16 mark practice time Take your partner's work and mark it using the peer assessment sheet Peer Assessment Who was disappointed with Kennedy's achievements in Civil Rights?
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