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Lay Assistant @ ACM 2010

Presentation for ACM 2010 showing what has happened and is happening so far with the Lay Assistant

Simon Maynard

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Lay Assistant @ ACM 2010

YOUNG PEOPLE Visits to groups Youth groups Children and family
groups Roundabout New Ministries Big Shout T3 Sparkler's Creche Wacky Worship Youth band Young people
more involved Drama Great worship! Family Service
& Picnic Guest Family Service
specialist: Jim Bailey A chance to join together
as our Trinity Family Development What is youth work? Youth ministry should engage children and young people in social, fun, challenging and enjoyable ways. It should start them on a lifelong journey towards developing a passion for Jesus through means that are relevant to where they are and the world in which they live. Youth ministry should involve the whole church family through encouragement, modelling Christian life and including all with love. Our Vision for Trinity
Youth Work To have dynamic, thriving groups full of Spirit filled young people who are led by passionate and confident leaders who are close to the age of the children in the group, but supported by those who are more experienced. These regular leaders will help them to build a personal relationship with Christ that is relevant to each individual whatever their age. The Christian life will be shown to be revolutionary and exciting through a diverse range of activities and opportunities that will inspire the children to bring friends. We will demonstrate to our young people that they are an important part of the church and will support them in finding their role within it and will extend to maintaining links beyond the group and church. How to achieve the vision To partner or go it alone? An experienced partner has
more resources to offer and
support beyond the immediate
team. How to find the right partner Look for someone who
shares the passion of our
vision. Gap Year Paise Project Will be interested in working
with any of our young people
who may be interested in an
exciting schools based ministry
here, this year and beyond. DNA A life-altering "hot house" year through which you will be radically discipled in the context of church for a life of service to Jesus and being an agent for His kingdom. Holiday Club Holiday Club is back! Come and get involved! Either in preparation,
through prayer, or by helping during the mornings. A consistent flow from
youth groups to holiday
club to September's youth
groups will be included in
the planning. School Contacts Prayer Meetings A prayer meeting at
Sackville every Tuesday
morning at 7.30. Other
representatives from
local schools have been
invited. A positive meeting
with Halsford Park
could lead to further
links. Alternative Halloween Meeting with NLC to
discuss possible joint
venture next week. Encouraging Young Leaders Begun meeting with
young leaders to explore
further leadership possibilities
in line with our vision. OUTREACH Christmas Shopping
Day 340 mince pies 300 CDs 200 service leaflets Numerous conversations Advent Conspiracy Positive Feedback from
congregation Over £1500 raised for
four different charities Street Pastors Joined Redhill for a
Friday night Great respect and trust
from the night time
community Approved by the church Taken to Churches Together and The Justice
and Peace Group What next? We need support from
other church congregations Then we have a meeting of all those interested in being a part of Street Pastors We appoint a coordinator GO! Promotion of Trinity Increasing presence in local press 3 BBC local radio slots CHURCH LIFE Home Group
Coordinator Writing Courses Resource Bank Communicating, supporting,
arranging meetings Newcomers Regular element for
weekly notices Redesigned notices
and Welcome Pack Investigating new
website design
with Tim Discipleship Investigating Whole
Life Discipleship Evaluation of discipleship
courses Embedding regular
discipleship course
to follow Alpha Alpha Building in an extra
course during the year Building support through Alpha
Conferences Regular Evening
Courses Marriage Course: Researching course
and attending conference
in June Team Meetings Regular team meetings
to help focus and enhance
church activities 24-7 Prayer Provided a different
and exciting focus for
prayer and helped
re-establish the prayful
community of Trinity LAY ASSISTANT: tHE FIRST 6 MONTHS the vision the vision is jesus! Another season of
24-7 Prayer is planned for October
half term Researching a regular
programme of evening
courses, including Alpha,
Marriage and/or parenting
and Disciple course
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