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Spanish subjunctive tense

Alex Violette

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Subjunctive

Present Tense Subjunctive How it's formed How
it's used Examples Quiz -AR verbs -e -es -e -emos -en -ER/-IR verbs -a -as -a -amos -an Forming -AR and -ER/-IR verbs Take the present tense of the verb
and change the ending to the correct
ending from above Es bueno que - It is good that...
Es malo que - It is bad that...
Es mejor que - It is better that...
Es Necesario que - It is necessary that... These phrases indicate the subjunctive. Es bueno que tú bebas aqua. (It is good that you drink water) Beber in the tú form 1-
4- Es bueno que tengas dinero. (It is good that you have money) Always add "que" before the verb. Es necesario que tomen aqua. (It is necessary that they drink water) No creo que lo compre. (I don't think that he will buy it) (tú) Hablar - Habl - Hables (él) Comer - Com - Coma The Basics Espero que él coma. (I hope that he will eat) The subjunctive is used when you
express doubt, wishes, or uncertainty. Give 2 examples of phrases that
indicate the subjunctive. 1/2) 3) Write 1 sentence in the
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