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Writing Unit- 3rd Grade


Miriam Palma

on 24 April 2012

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Transcript of Writing Unit- 3rd Grade

Opinion Blog: Wikispaces Students will maintain blog on wikispaces.
They will write their opinion on various topics.
Classmates will be able to browse their blog and comment. Share piece: Rubric: Students create rubric with teacher guidance *Brochure
*Public Announcement
*Blabberize Article Organizational
Structure Reading Log Reading Strategies Quick Writes: Students will maintain
a writer's notebook.
They will select a topic and
write their opinions. Students will read articles on various topics and current events. They will then be asked to respond with their reaction and opinion. They will organize, support and publish their piece using a variety of multimedia. To help students through the reading and writing process, they will use the CROP model *shared writing
*example pieces
*explicit instruction The final product will be evaluated using student- created rubric. Teacher Models through: Writer's Notebook
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