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Aquabike Franchize

Investment teaser

Mike Shilov

on 6 April 2017

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Transcript of Aquabike Franchize

Hydro- massage
Assistance in choosing the location
Discount for aquabike purchase
Preliminary financial plan
Launch assistance
Access to booking system
Logo and Branding
Marketing policy and guidelines
Preferential purchases
Modern booking system
Duties and staff incentives
Training of employees

40,000 300 100,000
130,000 1320 340,000
Current situation:
Investment opportunity
Aquabike studio franchise offer
[ B R E E Z E }
w a t e r m o v e m e n t s
[ }

And since then is quickly
spreading in Western Europe
Individual training
Only 30 min!
Main value drivers are
Trendy, and is eagerly covered by the press
That is why we are looking to share our success
Team at your service
Investment from 75,000EUR
43,000EUR EBITDA 2nd year
105,000EUR Sales of one studio
400 loyal customers
100 EUR/m2 revenue

Thanks for your time!
Shall you have any questions, please address them to Jelena Silova | silovalen@gmail.com | +371 26 73 11 22
or visit www.watermovements.lv or www.facebook.com/watermovements to book a class!

What is Aquabike ???
Established franchise network in the Baltics is key to further development of studio chain
Purchasing power
similar in all Baltic states
Easy to scale business model in the region
- short travel distance, understandable market
People used to
swiming and going to the gym
Calory burning
Pleasant fatigue
Healthy veins
Blood circulation
Aquabike is a new wave in a booming health and fitness industry
[ }
Less effort
Slower heart rate
Anaerobic training
Blue ocean
for development and a huge advantage of having a working
in Riga and Jurmala
Me before I met Aquabike
3x more efficient than regular
Ok, this was a joke, but Aquabikes are a real thing!!!
Aquabike main competitive advantage is a unique combination of sport and SPA experience
Fast result!
We have learned that Aquabike is not only a healthy training but is also:
A profitable business
Break even in 30 weeks
2+ year profit from 30kкEur
Return on investment 15%+
Regional master franchise possible• Royalty 5% from turnover
Contract term 5 years with a possibility to be prolonged
Franchise fee 10-15k

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