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Personal Branding

This Prezi was created for a Personal Branding session at the WAURISA 2014 conference in Tacoma, Wa.

Tonya Kauhi

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of Personal Branding

A personal brand is similar to a company brand, and the two can be connected.

Like a company brand, a personal brand is a combination of your image and your reputation.
Mapping Your Unique Value:
What makes you different?

Personal Branding 101:
Why is a personal brand important?
Your personal brand influences:
How you are perceived
A Roadmap to Personal Branding
You have a brand, whether you know it or not.
How can a personal brand work for you?
Elements of a Personal Brand
Three major components:
Who you are (persona)
What you bring to the table (promise)
Communication of your value (promotion)
Exercise #1:
Take some time and answer questions in workbook
Exercise #1
1. Start creating your personal brand

2. Get a sense of the process and approach to developing a personal brand

3. Be clear about who you are and understand how having a strong personal brand can provide professional opportunities

Exercise #2 - Promise
Exercise #2:
How to...?
Exercise #3 - Create Your Brand Story
What is a personal brand story?
Exercise #3:
How do you create a brand story?
What is a promise?

1. Develop your unique personal promise of value.

2. Understand your perceived value to others (what do they gain by working with you?).

3. Be clear about why you are the best at what you do.

• What are the key attributes that describe you?

• What distinguishes you from your colleagues?

• How can you develop brand advocates, and where do you tell your brand story?

Personal Brand Considerations
What is a personal brand?

Why is a personal brand important?

How can a personal brand work for you?
Your Personal Branding

Question #2
What am I passionate
Question #3
What motivates me?
Exercise #1 - Persona
What is a persona?

A persona describes who you are and the qualities that make you, you.
Elements of a Personal Brand
You Are Here
What are some key attributes?
"The Father of GIS"
"The King"
"The world's fastest man"
"The Boss"
Question #1
What are your strongest attributes?
1. What are your strongest attributes?

2. What am I passionate about?

3. What motivates me?
A persona includes your:
Vision and
Question #1
What makes me unique?
Question #2
What results do people experience when working with me?
Question #3
What characteristics make people interested in me?
Exercise #2:
Take some time and answer questions in workbook
1. What makes me unique?

2. What results do people experience when working with me? What can I help others to achieve?

3. What personality characteristics make people interested in me?
A personal brand story is a short pitch (1-3 sentences) that communicates
your value
(what you are the best at),
your audience
(who you serve), and
your promise
(how you perform your value uniquely).
1. Define your target audience or ideal client base

2. Define a value statement by focusing your key attributes and persona

3. Define a promise that you can achieve by applying your unique value

4. Combine these elements to create a narrative that tells others about you!

Exercise #3:
Create Your Brand Story

Take some time and answer questions in workbook
Share Personal Branding Story
Who would like to share their story?
What have you done for your brand today?
1. Tell Your Brand Story
2. Develop Brand Advocates
Three Things you can do today!

1. Create, update or complete your LinkedIn Profile

2. Share your brand story with someone you just met.

3. Send the Survey (Personal Branding Assessment Questionnaire) to 3 coworkers or colleagues.

Thank You for Attending!
• Consider your strengths, and skills

• What do other people say about you?

• Think about the path you took to get where you are today.

• Think about personal attributes that you want to apply in your career

• How do these translate into improved work products and increased value?
• Think about your passions and history

• What drove you to your career path?

• What makes you stay in your career?

How to...?
Practice makes permanent.
Practice your narrative until you can say it organically and with confidence. How you
your brand is as important as how you define your brand.
What is a personal brand?
"A brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”
–Jeff Bezos,CEO Amazon
personal branding
, you can control your brand!

Focus connections and opportunities to your strengths and interests

Weed out dead-end prospects and distractions

What was the most successful project you ever tackled and what made you successful?

What was the most important team role you ever fulfilled and why

• What are strengths that others acknowledge in me?

• What would you do if you had an extra day off every week?

• What type of people or activities are you drawn to?

• What kind of news stories captivate your interest?

• When faced with an obstacle what is your go to skill to overcome it?

• What type of projects have you worked on where time flies?

• What types of projects or tasks do you avoid?

"There are three things extremely hard: steel, a diamond, and to know one's self."
- Benjamin Franklin
A brand story can help create memorable interactions
What a personal brand story
is NOT
Your job title
Personal mission statement
Career Objectives
Life's Purpose
"You're not defined by your job title and your not confined by your job description" - Tom Peters
What makes a personal brand story successful?
Gives specific examples
Combines logic and emotion
Provides attributes that make you unique and valuable
My Brand Story Example
Potential Clients
Attributes: Dedicated, innovative, organized
Love to be challenged
Help People do their job better
Improve business processes and workflow
"I love helping my clients improve their business processes and do their job more efficiently. I provide value by truly understanding their business needs and implementing the best solution for those needs."
My Brand Story Example
1. Tell Your Brand Story
2. Develop Brand Advocates
Common Misconceptions about self promotion:

You should only self-promote during performance reviews

My boss will promote me and my work

Talking about myself makes me feel uncomfortable

More is better
Tell Your Brand Story
Present and Attend
One on one conversation
Interest Groups
Live It!
Develop Brand Advocates
Ask yourself who do you know that help you achieve your goals

Who needs to know about me to achieve my goals?

Practice your brand story and ask for feedback
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