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Student Chef

No description

Benjamin Chang

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Student Chef

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Cooked Steamed Buns
2 Steam Buns $1.00
Green Onion $0.11
Chicken Breast $1.50
Japanese Cucumbers $1.35
Dried Mushroom $1.30
Dried Shrimp $1.50
Red Chili $0.30
Garlic $0.15
Eggs $1.99
Corn Soup Mix $0.99
Kimchi $1.19
Salt $0.99
Brown Sugar $1.50
Rice Vinager $1.05
Soy Sauce $1.49
Vegtable Oil $2.49
Seasame Oil $1.09
Green Giant`s Corn Niblets $0.70
Frozen Yogurt $1.30
Europe`s Best 4-Berry Mix $1.18
Tropicana Ornage Juice $1.25
Ingredients Main Dish Side Dishes: Japanese Cucumber Skins
Corn Soup Drinks: 4-Berry Smoothie Total Cost $24.42 Save $0.58 Feeding: Me (Ben
My Mom
(Dad at work) I poured boiled water
onto the dried mushrooms
to soften them and
make them easier to cut DELICIOUS The cucumber skins are
used for making one of
the side dishes The cucumber insides
will be cooked with
the steam buns I cut the steam
buns into squares before I cooked them STUDENT CHEF:
BEN CHANG The finished cooked
steam buns My 4 food groups were

Grains:Steam buns
Meats: Chicken Breast
Dairy: Frozen Yogurt
Fruits and Vegtables: Cucumbers,corn, red chilis,dried mushroom,garlic, kimchi and 4- berry mix
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