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Data Use PD - SDLT

No description

Lindsay Wepman

on 26 June 2013

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Transcript of Data Use PD - SDLT

Data Use Professional Development:
An Overview
10-day training series on the use of data to inform instruction
Overview of the Data Use Professional Development Series

Expectations for the Initial 3-Day Training

Your role as a School Data Leadership Team member

Lindsay Wepman
Race to the Top Assessment Specialist, RIDE
3-Day Initial Training
Held in August or September
3 days = 2 consecutive + 1 follow-up
Data Analysis Coach
Training Materials
Your Role:
School Data Leadership Team
Selection Process
Lindsay Wepman

Dan Costello

School Data Leadership Team
Data Use Professional Development
Dan Costello
Project Manager, Amplify
3-day Initial Training
3 Off-Site Workshops
3 On-Site Coaching Visits
1-day Sustainability Planning Workshop
10-day Professional Development Series
School Data Leadership Team members & District Data Liaisons
School Data Leadership Team Characteristics
Passionate about improving student achievement
Regarded as leaders within their school buildings
Excited to collaborate with their colleagues to improve school culture
May or may not have some experience using data to inform instruction
Tiered training content
current data use
collaborative structures
district preference
Turnkey Materials
"What to Bring" & Data Collection
Attend 10 days of training
Turnkey Materials
Foster culture of data use and collaboration
Cohort Formation
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