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Gender Bias in Commercials

No description

Elise Hukom

on 16 May 2016

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Transcript of Gender Bias in Commercials

Gender Bias
in Commercials
Unfair treatment based on a person’s sex or gender

Males Females
Wrap Up Discussion

- How does this activity change your perception on how men and women function in society?

- Knowing what you know now how can you change how gender is represented in general?

Lights, Camera, Action!
- Take our media and make it into a positive in relation to what we are talking about.

- Portray genders beyond their stereotype
-what would your characters do?

- Show that there is more to the genders besides their stereotypes!
Call to Action
Opening Activity:
Think of stereotypes for Males and Females
Let's all create a #hashtag together promoting awareness
Post it on any social media

On average a person can watch up to 16,000 commercials a year.
Per day men watch about 2.21hours of comercials, women watch about 2.45 hours of commercials, children watch about 1.23 hours, and adults aged 16-24 watch about 2.34 hours of comercials.
In most visual media content 84.8% of women are either dressed provocatively or partially nude on screen.
In most media content men are represented as the jokester, the jock, the strong but silent type, the big shot, the action hero, and the baffoon.
Videos (cont.d)
Male Commercial
"The focus on masculinity shows males as aggressive, dominant, and engages in exciting activities by which they receive rewards from others for their masculine accomplishments"
"Women are usually shown as victims, loyal wives, or obligated to help others by sacrificing their own individuality"
Female Commercial
Doyle, 1989, p. 111
Wood, 2015, pg. 33
BARB Jan- Dec 2015
The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2014 pg.36
Boys to Men: Media Messages About Masculinity. Children Now, 1999.
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