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International Business Plan

No description

Wallace Lee

on 18 June 2015

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Transcript of International Business Plan

BMC Model
Strategic Focus & Plan
AW MediCorp aims to bring innovative new technologies to hospitals, clinics, and medical services around the world to promote hands-on procedural efficiency and effectiveness within a germ-free environment, while focusing on sustainability for future generations.
The art of control is key to preserving life in its most crucial moments. We strive to develop a world where more than just every second counts, but also every move, procedure, and process that takes place within the field of medicine.
Time efficiency
Improve sterilization process
Keep the comfort of the user in mind
Reduce wastage of post-hospital operations
Make use of renewable technologies to recycle valuable resources
Business Analysis
Country Analysis
Industry Analysis
Company Analysis
Business Overview
BMC Model
Strategic Focus & Plan
Business Analysis
Country Analysis
Industry Analysis
Company Analysis
Marketing Plan
Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Product, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution
Financial Plan
Pro-forma Financial Statements
Product Price Comparison
Human Resource Management
Talent Acquisition
Sources of Applicants
Timeline & Milestones
Evaluation, Implementation
Contingency Plans
Risk Assessment
Marketing Plan
Financial Plan
Human Resource Management
Risk Assessment
Country Analysis
Industry Analysis
Company Analysis
Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Product, Pricing, Promotion, Distribution
Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Product Strategy
Product Strategy (cont.)
Promotion Strategy
Distribution Strategy
Pro-forma Balance Sheet
Pro-forma Income Statement
Pro-forma Cash Flow Statement
Talent Acquisition
Sources of Applicants
Timeline & Milestones
Implementation, Evaluation, & Control
Contingency Plan
Pro-forma Financial Statements (cont.)
Talent Acquisition
Employee Requirements
Sources of Applicants
Top Management Team Requirements
Timeline & Milestones
Evaluation & Control
Contingency Plan
PESTLE Analysis
Strong democratic setup
Deep-rooted election process
Consensus is becoming more difficult
U.S. has a GDP of approx. $17 trillion
U.S. Healthcare spending is highest in the world both in nominal terms and percentage of GDP
Holds roughly 45% of global medical device sales
Facing aging population
Obama's 2010 legislation extended medical insurance coverage to $29 million previously uninsured people
Growing leader in field of IT, Nanotechnology, Environmental Technology, and Biotechnology
Well-established intellectual property rights
Expansion in Medicaid program provides opportunities in medical device market
2011's regulations place strict taxes against greenhouse gas emissions
Elimination of tax breaks to those producing oil, natural gas, and coal
U.S. is under scrutiny for hazardous medical waste dumping
Many regulations against medical gloves: FDA, ASTM, AAMI, ONS, OSHA, ASHP, CVM, ACA
Strict corporate governance rules and focus on transparency
Porter's Five Forces
Power of Buyers
Power of Suppliers
Threat of Substitutes
Threat of Entrants
Most of the revenue in industry is earned by 40 companies
Many mergers and acquisitions
Less bargaining power as materials can be procured overseas
Many sources of supply
High levels of competition in industry
High levels of R&D funding
Economies of scope from larger corporations
Higher entry barriers due to market's competitive nature
Mergers and acquisitions create large players
SWOT Analysis
Community Health Systems
LifePoint Hospitals
Universal Health Service
Prime Healthcare Services
IASIS Healthcare
Ardent Health Service
Capella Healthcare
Steward Health Care System
Armstrong Medical Industries Inc.
BoundTree Medical
Channing Bete Company
Emergency Medical Products Inc.
G.E. Pickering Inc.
Henry Schein EMS
MooreMedical Supporting and Health Care
Pocket Nurse
School Health
Southeastern Emergency Equipment
V.E. Ralph Emergency Medical Products
Product Differentiation / Purpose
Time efficiency
Removal of waste
Removes distress on hands
Design and Specifications
15 inches
12 inches
6 inches
UV Panel
Laser Sensor
Box made from transparent plastic or plexiglass material
Laser sensor to detect movement
Spray nozzles on selected angles to cover hand
UV panel activates when spray process completes
Spray Nozzle
Product Pricing
Invisa-Gloves Device - $800 / unit
Invisa-Gloves Canister - $30 / unit
Laser Replacement - $80 / unit
Price Comparison
$7 per box (100 gloves in box)
Use 30 boxes each day
Total Cost = (30 x $7) = $210
$30 per Invisa-Gloves canister
Each canister serves 150 people
Use 2 canisters each day
Total Cost = (2 x $30) = $60
Assumption (based on research)
300 people require gloves each day at hospital
5 pairs (10 gloves) used each day
3,000 gloves used each day
Use sales reps to visit each region and develop new product demand (hospitals, clinics, and distributors)

Hospital management can be found via LinkedIn and other online paid advertisements

Email marketing is used to contact distributors within the industry

Industry trade shows, government seminars, and industry trade association meetings
Conduct a hybrid distribution model of selling direct with in-house organization, and selling through independent distributors

Save on costs in capital investments within the U.S. - easier to obtain financing in Canada with credit history

Avoid problems with foreign taxes, labour laws, and business licensing
Scientific Researchers
US Customs Broker
Freight Forwarder
Financial Account
Sales Managers
Production Supervisor
Marketing Manager
Job postings on Monster or CareerBuilder
Find talent through LinkedIn
Hiring agencies
Universities and colleges
Company website with referral programs
Internal hiring
Durability of glove against operational environment of hospital
Compatibility of used chemicals with skin
Issues with standardization tests
Skepticism towards new product introductions from market
Potential intellectual property theft from other countries
Foreign exchange rate fluctuations and political risks
Monthly sales calls and annual sales meetings
Owners situated in HQ to monitor business operations
Compare actual performance to forecasted figures
Details outlined within Gantt Chart
Close revision of standards and requirements
Readjustment of sales objectives and promotions
Readjustment of cost structure and review of expenses
Key Partners
Key Activities
Key Resources
Value Proposition
Customer Relationships
Customer Segments
Cost Structure
Revenue Streams
Doctors are HVC
Research and Development
Intellectual human talent
Operational efficiency
24 hour customer service
Develop long-term relationships
Trade shows and direct marketing
Hospitals, clinics, and distributors
Medical doctors and nurses
Major focus on R&D
SCM and Customer Service
Volume sales to clinics and distributors
Contracts with hospitals
Country Analysis
CAGE Analysis
Different second language of Spanish rather than French

Difference in culture between states
Less barriers to trade due to NAFTA

Government support for international trade

Trade deficit in services
Geographically close regions

Sharing of similar time zones

Climates are relatively comparable
Discussed within PESTLE
Entering a competitive and highly innovative market

Many changes going on through mergers and acquisitions

Many opportunities due to size of market and ubiquitous nature of product in different countries

More future emphasis on industry through government funding

Become more of a need as a majority of the population continues to age and demand for healthcare continues to grow
Pro-forma Financial Statements
Innovative (first to market)
Environmentally friendly
More economical
New startup (risky)
Many regulations and standards
Large market opportunity (US is largest)
Government grants and tax breaks
Excellent business environment (lots of funding)
Aging population in need of healthcare
Strict laws regarding medical equipment
Trigger new innovative entrants
Potential patent issues
Product Price Comparison
Southeast CAGR:
Far West CAGR:
Mid-Atlantic CAGR:
Special filters would be used to treat the waste water
resource can be reused for other environmental facilities
Use microcomputers to send out maintenance signals
Regional tech representative will schedule an appointment to fix the device
Additional checkups will be done during the visit to ensure performance
Spray Plaster

Acrylic Copolymer
Polyurethane Polymer
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